Sunday, January 14, 2007

The ice has grown

1/14/07 Sunday
As you can see the ice has grown. Kinda like plants when you water them only quicker and nastier. I decided we won’t go to church today after walking out to the road. Sure we can make it and I have twenty five years experience driving on this kind of stuff but it’s not worth the risk. Instead we will stay home and stay as warm as we can. It’ll be a good time to work on the business plan and perhaps do the carpet in the hall. I am running an average 7 on the bob scale. Love it and hope it stays.

I went out to see how Skittles is doing. He has figured out that the “penthouse” is indeed a good place to stay. Got him some food and checked his water. Then we went for a walk as I do every morning to check out things on this farm. I call this my “walkabout”, a term I heard on Crocodile Dundee that I like. Took the camera with me to record this event. Skittles went with me as he loves to do. I could tell he needed to “relieve” himself so grabbed the rake I recovered and repaired out of the henhouse and broke through the ice so he could dig his latrine. He watched, sniffed, and went somewhere else to crap where he saw fit. Typical cat.

After taking some pictures as Skittles scampered around as he does I sat in the chair on the veranda to give him the pets he craves. Of course he ate it up. With this cold weather he doesn’t see us much cause we stay inside so he is lonely. I know he’s just an animal and some say animals can’t feel these emotions, only humans can. “It’s a God given gift” I’ve heard said. “What sets us apart from the animals” Whatever. Skittles is lonely and craves companionship. That I can relate to and so can Cherie.

So what to do with this day? Relax sounds good but I’m not good at doing nothing despite I do that so often. Can’t help it. There are times it is better I don’t do things when I have a bad slow down and then there is often a period of exhaustion after. Of course the migraines don’t help either. Drives me nuts cause I used to put in eighty hours a week running my companies. It wasn’t the brightest thing to do and took a toll on my second marriage and the kids I raised. But now there is so much that needs to be done.

I am sitting up on the bed writing this and it is aggravating the back pain so I need to lay back down and type with this laptop on my raised knees. Emptied the pans of water under the sink as we must every morning. I have a headache coming on now. It’s 10:27.

Cherie reluctantly gave up the PC card so I can go online and publish this post on the blog. I am getting more visitors from disability sites to the blog now. It makes me feel like I am doing some good sharing my life though my problems pale in comparison to most others who are disabled.

I posted a comment in response to an article on one of the blogs focusing on the needs and lives of those who are disabled. The article talked of the open and sometimes veiled attitudes of others towards those who are not as fortunate as they are. I talked about how suspicious some are when your issues are not as obvious as others. How some suspect you of playing the system for money or playing them for sympathy. There is a quiet judgmentalism that often increases as they discuss and gossip about you. As with all things this judgment evolves and human nature is to suspect the worst instead of believing the best of others. There is a bible verse that says “to the pure, all things are pure” and that implies that to the “impure” all things are tainted. There is a truth I have learned, that is that we tend to impute our weaknesses to others. A liar doesn’t trust others, fearing they are lying to him. A thief will suspect others want to steal from him. It goes on and on with every type of vice.

Enough of Bob philosophy (or whatever you call it) Time to post this and get to researching for the business plan. What do you see when you look at this picture? I see fruit trees, I see rasberry vines, I see rows of healthy organically grown vegetables, I see greenhouses where they can be grown even in this weather. I see the future that we can create through hard work and careful planning.


Nate~ said...

hey Rob, can you email me your road address? thanks NCLS484@GMAIL.COM
UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box

Bob said...

It's coming now. I guess we'll have to paint our numbers out on the mail box or house cause I don't suppose UPS can deliver to "Where the yellow school bus is"