Monday, January 08, 2007

Not a bad morning

1/8/07 Monday
Not a bad morning. It got down into the twenties last night but will be a sunny cloudless day that will reach 66 or so. I was up till one this morning looking up farm stuff online and was surprised that I wasn’t tired this morning. In fact I seem to have a high energy level. My back pain is up there this morning so sitting in this chair is difficult. It helps to pull this laptop of the keyboard drawer and put it in my lap (a laptop on my lap, imagine that), that allows me to lean back in the chair. There are some days when I must lay in bed and put this computer on my raised knees to work on it.

Skittles was still with us this morning. He has an infected paw and I would suspect worms as he is skinny despite now being well fed. We would like to take him to a vet but there’s no money for that. Cherie has gone into Midland to do laundry and shop for groceries. She will get some flea powder and see if there is an over the counter worm medicine for him.

I plan on fixing the silverware drawer in the kitchen and installing the base board in the back room. I am sure there are other things I want to do but can’t remember them. Oh, here’s one. I want to write a letter to go with the stuff I’ll be turning into the state regarding my brother. Have to get that done by today as the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is only open on Tuesdays. I did draw up a sample letter for Cherie to use for her application at the church. I’m kinda pushing a little on that but it’s a perfect job and she should fight for it.

Time to post this and get moving. I fixed myself a big breakfast. Figured Cherie would appreciate it. Eggs, grits, and sausage gravy

4:34 – I had a good run. Put the baseboard in the backroom till I ran out of the nails I had pulled and hammered straight. I got one piece nailed into place in the hallway. Called Cherie in Midland and asked her to buy some nails as they don’t cost much. She can use the Home Depot gift card to pay for them. I still need to put in the half round strip that goes on the bottom of the backboard. Don’t know what it’s called. Anyway I was doing great till about fifteen minutes ago. Having a slow down right now. This is the first partial seizure for the day. Pretty bad one. Steadily going downhill. Managed to put finish on towel rack I made. Cherie just got home. Good time to quit.

I helped Cherie carry in the stuff she bought. Remembered I fixed the silverware drawer and told her. Saw that I forgot the threshold I went to do. Now at the point where I wander, starting out to do a task and it vanishes from this brain. Spell check keeps telling me I’m misspelling words. Love spell check. Need to do something with garbage. It’s smelling. They haven’t picked up dumpster yet but we cancelled so I won’t put anything in it. Will have to go to landfill tomorrow. Got to get aspirin now for headache.

That was mercifully a short one. Only lasted two hours. These things always tire me out, drain me like I’ve had a long day. This slow down had me down to where I was stuttering. Glad it’s gone now. The headache is still there though. Oh well.

Cherie fixed pork chops that she had marinated in a teriyaki sauce. She fried up some potatoes and put season salt and tarragon on them. All in all it was a great meal. Afterwards I decided it would be nice to make the French vanilla pudding that was in the cupboard. Glancing at the instructions I see “two cups” and “stir for two minutes” so I measured out two cups of water, mix, and put it in the freezer as Cherie does to hasten it’s setting up. As I waited in the bedroom for it to get done I mentioned to Cherie that I thought two cups of water was allot. She looked at me incredulously and, seeing I was serious, started cracking up. I always tell her “Read the instructions” because she sometimes tries to take shortcuts. Well, I get to eat those words. The instructions call for milk, not water. If I was still slow I’d have an excuse but not this time. Oh well, had to throw it out.

There’s nothing on TV except football and some stupid sitcoms so I came to the office to write this and then go online. Good night all.

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