Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wish I was better

1/16/07 Tuesday
Slow this morning, running a five on the bob scale. It was 25 degrees this morning which is better than the 19 expected. They are predicting snow. I was going to seam the carpet in the hall but we have to wash where Carman kitty peed first and that will have to wait for warmer weather. I have to take a stand up bath and wash my hair. Put it off for as long as I could but cold or not gotta do it. I will write a letter to the judge regarding the ticket which I will take with me when I go to court. This is necessary because I mentally freeze up when under stress. When I went to court in Perrysburg for the ticket we got when I went around a road closed sign along with about fifteen others getting out of church it was so bad Cherie almost cried. While on the witness the judge asked a question and all I could do was stutter as I tried to form words. Needless to say I got fined.

Hope I clear up. Am feeling bad for Cherie as this whole move has been hard for her. Wish I could be a better man for her. Wish I could provide a better home.

I suppose you can tell I was depressed. Suppose I picked up on Cherie’s depression so we’re feeding off each other. All this cold weather and trying to stay warm doesn’t help any. We’ll be better tomorrow. Going to snow tonight. I was fairly slow all day and Cherie’s a bit emotional too. That’s all I’m writing for this day. Night all.

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Nate~ said...

don't fret, a Propane Vent Free space heater is on the way! it dosent smell and can be used indoors for when ya need temporary heat

you guys be safe out there