Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another clear day

1/2/08 Wednesday
It’s another beautiful clear day, though there are a few high clouds out. It didn’t get as cold as predicted as it’s twenty two degrees out. Perhaps it got into the teens last night, I don’t know and don’t really care cause we were cozy warm with the wood stove well stocked. The pecan wood works great putting out lots of heat. It leaves bigger coals underneath the ashes so that means I just have to rake them up and stack wood on top. I packed it too good last night I suppose cause the side started to glow a little. It wasn’t much and you could only notice it when the lights were turned off. Don’t worry about it folks as everything is installed on the high side of safety with a stone floor on top of a concrete panel designed for bathroom tile work. Plus it’s all a good distance from the wall with a UL listed steel lined insulated panel on the wall. Eventually I want to get a good airtight wood burner that will get more heat out of less wood and burn slower. Plus it would reduce any exhaust gases that may be creeping in from the present stove.

It’s going to be a busy day, I think. I can never be sure because I can’t rely on my level of lucidity. But there is lots I plan on getting done. Cherie and I were discussing how she needs to get more specific on scheduling tasks we both need to do. I told her that just writing down a task and saying “we need to do that sometime today” doesn’t work for either of us. It needs to be scheduled as in “Do ----- at 8:00 AM”. My list of unfinished tasks is ever growing. This is frustrating for me, especially knowing how much I used to handle way back before the accident. Another thing Cherie needs to do is review the calendar to see what I didn’t get to because of a slowdown or whatever, and reschedule it. Come spring things are going to get real busy with the farm so this will be much more important then.

The first thing I want to get on today is finishing up the “Year in Pictures” thing I had wanted to do to send out Christmas. At least I figured out how to do it using the collage software I have. I used it to do a similar thing last year but had to relearn how to work the software again as I must relearn anything I haven’t done in a while. The short term memory has improved over the years but is still a problem, always will be the doctors say. I watched an issue of NCIS, one of my favorite shows, last night. Cherie told me it’s a repeat we have seen several times. It was all new to me, don’t remember a thing. That’s a cool part of short term memory loss.
I’m having another slowdown (petite seizure) right now. It’s one of the ones that comes on fast, dropped me from a seven to a three on the bob scale in a matter of minutes. So I’m laying back down. The puppies are laying down with me. They are tired out from their morning run. I went out and checked on the rye. It’s hard to tell how the freezes are affecting it when I can’t remember what it looked like yesterday. If I had been able to plant it in September like I should have it would be a foot tall now. Maybe next season I’ll be able to get it out.

Nut’s. The puppies are all settled down and Rascal is sleeping next to me. The little sucker just farted. Odiferous little dog. These seizures always drain me so I will probably fall asleep if this puppy doesn’t knock me out or drive me out of the room. Eeeww, another one. I think I’ll have to put him in the other room. Yeah, I know, too much information but this is my journal where I record all the momentous events whether good or bad and this is getting to the momentous level. What did we feed this dog??? That’s it!!! Another one, “GO TO YOUR ROOM RASCAL”.
11:44 – I’m still feeling pretty rough and have a headache on top of it all but after laying down and drifting in and out for about an hour am making myself get up. There’s things that need doing no matter how I feel. At some point I want to get some stuff done that Steve and Janie asked me to do around their house. Been meaning to do it for a week but it never worked out. I think I’ll take some more aspirin and get moving.

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