Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cherie's better.

1/13/08 Sunday
Well I missed Saturday. That’s because it was another good day and I stayed busy. Cherie is over the flu and spent most of yesterday sleeping and recovering her strength. This took a lot out of her. I think that the pendulum of my cognitive state has swung to the good side again. If so that will mean I can look forward to days or perhaps even weeks of being sharp and having few seizures. Like I’ve said before this seems to run in cycles. I wish I could predict what would happen when but if I could I would be a millionaire.

So yesterday? Uhmm…Hey, I might be sharp but the memory is still a struggle. I have two pictures that remind me of things. First, I found an old Kirby sweeper at the landfill. Oh it was a mess with a broken handle and all but I know Kirby and if the motor still worked it had a powerful suction. Yep, it works. So I hooked it up to the burn barrel, replacing the weak shop vac I had also found at the landfill. That sucker blasts and burns the entire barrel full of burnables in minutes.

I am the great white hunter. Got another rat. Yeah, I know, you don’t want to see a picture of a “Nasty” (to quote Janie) rat but this is a journal of farm life and out here these pack rats are a part of it. The suckers (probably this one) dragged off a bag of wildflower seeds we had paid something like twenty bucks for. It just disappeared but they’ve been getting into all my seeds so I’m sure that’s where it went. We will need to get a rat proof seed safe now that things are getting serious with this farm. Anyway the rat is toast now. Literally. He went in the burn barrel and actually was my motivation for firing it up because the puppies had a keen interest in this potential puppy treat.

I went to Janie’s and poop scooped. Was glad to do it. She was there with her friend, Pam, so we got to talk a few minutes. A friend of mine sent an email which included a comment about poop scooping. It was a good observation but got me to thinking. I will probably write a short thing about my thoughts, what it brought to mind, so providing I actually get to it (my track record of doing what I plan is poor) you can look forward to a Poop Scoop Essay. Oh Boy! Can’t wait. Now that I’ve committed it’ll probably happen.

Well it’s time to get ready for church. I’ve been running the sprinklers non stop for days. Whether it’s been a week or two I don’t remember but it’s been every day. There is some cold weather coming down the pike, with temperatures going in the teens, so I must cut and split some more firewood in preparation.


Amy E said...

We just had a dead rat on our front porch! Looks like one of the cats got to it, as it was missing a piece out of the middle.It seems everyone is being infested with rats lately, I wonder what's up?

Bob said...

It's cold and they are looking for warm spots to nest for winter.

Jeff said...

Glad to hear Cherie's on the mend.