Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Still doing well

1/8/08 Tuesday
I am tired this morning but that’s to be expected. Was wide awake last night with thoughts such as what I am going to plant where running rampant through the hallways of my mind. Finally I got up and went online to study a method of growing I had found months ago. That was an exercise in frustration as everything on the several linked websites was a tease to buy books or a push to buy special fertilizers. As usual it’s all about money and of course I have little to waste. But even perusing the teases gave me information I can build on. The mention of using Epson salts and Borax to supply trace elements is intriguing. I will chase that down through Google. There was a drip feed irrigation method using PVC pipe I want to investigate as well. Basically this method is a marriage of hydroponics and conventional growing techniques.

I’m not as sharp as I was yesterday but not bad at all, running a seven on the bob scale, which I designate as average for me. Already have the water going but the wind has changed direction forcing me to adjust how I set it up. It’s coming out of the north and has a decided chill to it. I plan on getting much done today but must focus on finishing this Year in Pictures thing that should have been sent out for Christmas.

John Marshal emailed to let us know they published another one of my pictures in the paper. This is always flattering. I must wonder what I could do with a better camera shooting more than just sunrises and sunsets from the farm. I do think I have a good eye for this kind of thing. It’s part of the artist that is in me I suppose.

Enough writing. I need to focus on one task to get it done and avoid getting distracted for then nothing gets completed. So it’s going to be the Year in Pictures thing. That and moving the water every half hour when the alarm goes off. It takes a week to water three acres with one sprinkler so must keep on it.
12:16 – I just called Wayne in Toledo. He’s doing ok all things considered. When you have primary progressive MS with only a steady, hopefully gradual, downhill slide to look forward to it’s hard to keep your attitude up but he’s doing well. Because MS is a disease of the brain his symptoms are very similar to mine, at least that is, some of them are. He experiences slowdowns just as I do. We talked for a bit but he was getting tired so cut it off. I’m glad I remembered to call.

I am slowing down now. This is a gradual one that started maybe an hour ago. I began to have problems sorting through pictures and deciding which ones I want to put on for March. That’s as far as I’ve made it on the Year in Pictures project. At first there were only going to me eight pictures for each month and I already picked them out. Then it was where to put them and what to write regarding each picture. I have to resize them to fit on the page and stuff. But now that I’ve figured how to work the collage program again (I forgot since the other day) I’m going back and picking out different pictures because I can fit more in. Besides I want to give an idea of what we’ve done and what’s been done. I am so tired now and getting confused. At least I had a good day yesterday.
1:15 - The alarm went off for me to move the sprinkler. If it wasn’t for that I’d be zoned. Even when I went to put the last post on the blog I was dozing off while waiting for it to come up. I’m glad writing this reminded me to reset the alarm, otherwise I’d be gone and the water would probably run till Cherie gets home. I’m still real slow, down to a three on the bob scale.


Amy E said...

Bob, maybe you should find a way to lock your pictures, and charge a small fee for using one of your stock photos, or try and hire on with the local paper as a photographer. You can attend local games and events and sell your photos to the newspaper. I did that for a while, even writing articles for the paper and making $25.00 per article, and $5.00 per picture. Just a thought on an income source for you.

Bob said...

I gave Jimmy at the paper permission to use my photo's and am flattered he does. It provides some exposure that will be good in the future. Would love to be the photographer but unfortunately games and events, anything unfamiliar and hectic, are the things that trigger seizures. Writing? Now that I can do and I think do well.