Thursday, January 31, 2008

Still blowing

1/31/08 Thursday
It’s another windy sandy day. The wind sounds like a freight train is rumbling nearby, complete with feeling the vibrations. The power went out for seconds a couple of times so it’s wreaking havoc with the power lines somewhere. I went outside to take these pictures and didn’t stay long. It’s worse than yesterday so not only did I get gritty teeth but lots of sand in my eyes. If I was wearing contacts there is no doubt they’d be getting removed right now. The puppies came out with me but it’s too bad for them also so they will get to stay in this morning. This is supposed to slow down by 1:00 or so. Till then it’s a chance for me to catch up on my reading and maybe even finish the year in pictures project that still isn’t done. At least we have a fire to keep warm.

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Here’s an interesting effect when I took a picture. Because the light is poor due to how much sand is blowing the camera used a flash. This caught the particles of sand that were blowing by making these spots. At first I thought the lens was dirty but the other pictures turned out fine because there was no flash. It gives you an idea how much sand is swirling around me.
Well, I just came in from the cold. Had to bundle up and go see what blew away and secure the rest. Some of the steel siding I had recovered from the landfill is gone now. There were three pieces where the melon patch used to be but nothing else in sight. With this wind it could be miles away. The wind has shifted from the west to coming out of the north, a sign the cold front has arrived. In that direction the siding would have blown towards the interstate. I hope it hasn’t caused any harm. I piled some heavy fence posts and a steel post on top of the rest so it should be ok. The roll of insulation I was saving for where the house burned was scooped out of the fenced in area I kept it, unrolled, and the plastic facing was mostly torn off. That sucks. I can still use it after I shake out the sand that now fills it in.

I went out to the field and brought in both of the water sprinklers. Yesterday the blowing sand had totally filled in where the springs and mechanisms are, turning into hard packed mud as the wind sand and water collided. I had to take one totally apart and resurface the bearing faces because the sand had ground it’s way in. This West Texas sand is hard on any moving parts. So I put the sprinklers in the garage and will clean them before they go out again. This will be part of the many adjustments to be made regarding taking care of things out here. I’m not in Ohio anymore. The sand has even gotten into the switch on the camera, making it a task to turn it on. Right now I am watching the blanket we have over the bedroom window blow in the wind that is coming through. I don’t have to look to know that the sill will have a layer of sand covering it.

Yesterday we went to the Texas Rehabilitation place. It was a two hour long interview. I was fairly sharp at the beginning but by the time we were done was worn out and fighting to keep my eyes open. There will be a battery of tests and examinations to determine “what’s appropriate” for me to pursue. I told the lady that farming was appropriate and that’s what I am going to do no matter what their tests said. Not sure how that went over but it’s the way it is. I have a farm and will farm it one way or another. If they can help that is good but if not that’s ok too. There is no way I can work a “regular” job. Just too many issues. The fatigue I experienced just from the interview is an example. Then there is my getting confused and the brain freezing up with any stress or lots of information to process. Especially if I have to think fast. Plus my tendency to speak my mind isn’t conducive to working with others. I’m better than I was but you can’t tell someone they smell bad or to kiss your ass if they piss you off. So the farm is a good place to be. Not much stress and lots of routines that can be developed.

I cut some more firewood while out there as it’s going to be a cold night and for that matter is cold now, especially with that wind blowing in. There is some of the pecan left but I’ll need to go pick up some more. I’ll also probably take up Sheriff Woodward’s offer to cut some wood off his place. I need to fix his sign as the wind tore it up.

Cherie’s sick with something that is evidently going around. She went to get something for her cough and the cold medicine isle was so packed others were waiting outside just to get in. She’s been taking it easy and laid down a lot.

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