Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold and foggy

1/22/08 Tuesday
It’s cold again. Sure wished I’d been able to finish the chimney job. Didn’t really get much done at all other than figuring out I had to figure out how. This morning it’s foggy as all get out. I’m running back to Tractor Supply to see if they have a twelve inch stove pipe with the hope it will solve one of the problems. The windshield is iced up so I’m waiting for the truck to warm up enough to melt it. Going to run as fast as I can. At least my brain is working well so that always helps. Cherie will be busy and it’s one of her cleaning days at Steve and Janie’s. It’s also one of the days I’ve scheduled to poop scoop out there so will make sure to get that done despite all that needs to be done here at home. Bud told me that Steve had been upset at how much poop was in the yard so called him to clean it up. That was a day before I was scheduled to do it. Tuesdays and Fridays are when I figured on doing it for they are also the days Cherie goes up there. I really want for them to be pleased with what I do.

Time to run folks. Can’t sit around on this computer cause there is too much that needs doing. See ya when I can.
Well, it’s been a long time. At least I think it has. For me a long time can be days when it comes to having seizures. I can’t remember when I last had one but it’s been a few days at least. I have the moments where surrounding environments are too much for this brain to process but they fade away when I get familiar and can relax. Last one of those was at McAlister’s where we picked up lunch while at Tractor Supply. But this is a doozy now. Not at all related to having to process lots of information. I was going to climb the ladder to remove the rest of the old chimney but it wouldn’t be wise to do now. I am too dizzy and unsteady on my feet. Plus, at these times my control of the right leg is hampered so I can’t trust my foot to go where I want it. Not good when you are twenty feet in the air on a ladder. This just started ten or twenty minutes ago. May get much worse. It is still going downhill. I’m tired and it will drain me farther. Getting hard to formulate thoughts and write. Will go to bed for now. This sucks. I’ve got stuff to do.

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