Sunday, January 06, 2008

If you could see what I see

1/6/08 Sunday
It was one of those mornings that I wished I had a camera with one of the lenses that allow you to capture a big horizon. "If sunrises had music it would be surround sound" was the way Cherie described it. The puppies woke me at five this morning wrestling around. When I got up a bit later I could see it would be a good sunrise despite of how early it was. In the past I have taken several pictures and tried to put them together to get this big West Texas horizon but it didn’t work. So here are a few. You can kind of get an idea what it was like.
I’m glad I didn’t go to church. This has been a bad slowdown with a major headache to go with it. At least I’m getting the watering done. I just noticed that I forgot to water the grapevines I planted two or three weeks ago. Not good. They are watered now and hopefully I’ll remember to make that a regular routine, if they live that is. It’s noon and I am tired as I always am with a slowdown, so will lay down. Am using the alarm on my phone to remind me to change the sprinklers. Wish I had thought of this before as an alarm is a powerful tool to compensate for short term memory loss.

I remembered to tell Cherie about how there are occasions where things seem to be moving out of the corner of my eye. This is disturbing and I must wonder what it is a sign of. It is stationary objects like trees. I told Cherie to make a note and be sure to bring it up next time I see the doctor.

Yesterday wasn’t bad but I did have some slowdowns. Cherie has noted these seem to come in cycles where I go through a period of many seizures, sometimes several in one day. Then I might have a week or two that are real good. But I got some stuff done though not nearly what I wanted. Today it is to get almost to eighty degrees so I want to take advantage of that. I told Cherie I didn’t want to miss church because I didn’t want people to think bad of me but she said I need to stop doing that. “People miss church all the time for all kinds of reasons” she admonished. I suppose. But I will skip it today. There is so much to do. I’ve been running the sprinkler non stop for…I don’t remember but a week or two. It’s all in an attempt to get the rye grain up and healthy. There hasn’t been any rain for quite a while now. It will be interesting to see what the electric bill at the pump will be as come growing season I will be using lots of water. That’s why I want to drill another well and put in a windmill.

Crap. My right ear just started ringing loud and the left kind of went out. Not a good sign. It is sometimes a precursor of one type of seizure I get. I’m fairly sharp this morning so don’t want that at all. Like I ever do, duh. Now my fingers are having a hard time hitting the right keys. I’m gonna get outside now and get working with the hope this will be short or light, but at least I will get something done.


Eric said...

Well, you guys were missed at church this morning, but Cherie's exactly right. Nobody's keeping track and assessing your worth based on attendance.

You did miss some good food, though. ;-)

Hope you're feeling better now!

Bob said...

Hmmm, That's food for thought.