Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can't get comfortable

Click on this one to enlarge. Boy, you can see towers going up for miles

1/15/08 Tuesday
Man, I feel like crap. Woke up this way and couldn’t really put my finger on what exactly the problem is. I’m not slow in the traditional sense of that phrase for me, and I don’t have any of the pain that plagues specific areas such as the small of my back, I just feel lousy. There is a headache that has been with me all day and I did have a hard time answering questions when the lady from the Texas department of rehab called me. Plus I’ve been making wrong decisions regarding where to turn while I drive and thus took the long way to Steve and Janie’s. But my typing speed is up there and I can think clearly (at least I think I can) so it’s a conundrum. I suspect it might be due to the change in weather as this often affects me. My general pain is up there. I seem to be strangely weak though with my muscles tiring out quicker than usual. I don’t have a clue really. Tried to go online several times but Alltel is not being nice about it and I keep getting bumped off and then unable to get back on.

I haven’t gotten much done. Did make it to Janie’s and poop scooped. I’ll do some work on her garden tomorrow. Here at home there is no sense running the sprinklers because the wind is blowing so hard little will make it to the ground and then not where I want it to. I did move a load of wood inside in preparation for a cold night.

So I guess I’ll talk about yesterday. Going to the landfill is the only thing that sticks in my mind. I finally remembered to take the camera so I can get pictures of the wind turbines. You see the one I posted yesterday but I took a bunch more.

The landfill is for me a store I go shopping at. I never know what I will find but the price is always right. I picked up these two big PVC pipes that have been laying out there for weeks now. Not sure what I’ll do with them but figure they would make great structural supports for anything I want to build such as a greenhouse.

There was another roll of fencing I picked up. There are several more out there but I only had room for this one and it was a bear to get in the truck. I can use them for trellis’s in the garden. Will probably pick some up every time I go. Most of what I find is for the farm, things that will enhance what we plan to grow and do.

In that vein I found hundreds of these bags. They are new and the kind that are usually stitched closed on top. There were fifteen or twenty sacks of cotton seed in the pile these bags were in so they were probably for that. All I know is they will be perfect for packaging up things we grow so will come in handy.

What else? Oh yeah. I was going to buy some tires to put on the tiller so it wouldn’t sink in the ground as bad. Was thinking about the same kind of tires that are on the wheelbarrow and two wheeled dolly but saw these at the landfill. They were on a child’s electric car that had been thrown out. I took them off to see if I could make them fit on the tiller. It took some southern engineering but there they are. They work real good and are much wider than the tires I was going to pay money for so are better. How well they hold up only time will tell. The tiller is blowing oil bad but that is just how it is. I’ve done what I can so will nurse it along the best I can.

So that’s all I feel like writing now. It’s either too cold out or too warm in. The wind is howling. Hard to get comfortable. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to get online or stay online long enough to post this.

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