Friday, January 18, 2008

Poop Scoop Essay

So here is the poop scoop essay.

“…but know that you’re over qualified for the poop cleaning job!!! You are very intelligent and a hard worker and need to give yourself more credit than you do” a friend wrote. I suppose that is true but not true at the same time. Over qualified? Let’s see, I founded and built several companies with only pennies in my pocket with up to 127 employees. I commanded $120 an hour consulting fee teaching companies how to create a corporate image, find customers, and sell their products. And there are many other things I could put on a resume. Sure I could find a job in Midland where they are starving for workers. Oh I could put on a show in a job interview, as long as I wasn’t having the slowdowns that come with stress. But I would have to lie and it wouldn’t take long to be found out when I freeze up and forget what I was told or was doing. You know, this is hard for me, to see opportunities all over but be unable to reach out and grasp them. To know I would fail. That’s why I will build this farm. Here there is a familiar environment and I can create the routines the doctors say are good to have. Here I can go lay down when having a seizure and work when I am able. There is no other job that allows you to work when you feel like it.

So I am grateful to poop scoop. You see, no one is born with humility. At least not that I know of. I was on top of the world at one time, had success and reputation, all that stuff folks strive for. Was I proud? I don’t remember but I’m sure I was. But there’s a saying I’ve heard “Pride goes before a fall”. Don’t know where it came from but it rings true. Humility is learned I believe and I learned it hard. In the Bible there was a king. He was the king of Babylon and at that time one of the most powerful people in the world, having conquered most of the nations around. Then his pride pissed off God and the next thing you know he was wandering without his mind and eating grass with the cows. Quite a story. So here was I, on top of my world but then I fell and what a long and hard fall it was.

The precipitous slide down apparently started when I fell from the pallet racking in my warehouse. From that moment everything began unraveling. It probably wasn’t wrapped to tight as it was so didn’t take much. The wife (second wife, not Cherie. She’s the first and third wife) was caught with another man, I wasn’t being faithful either, drugs and drinking escalated, and more I won’t get into. Then came the car wreck. Next thing I know I’m waking up having my diapers changed. Waking up took a week or two. My hands and feet were tied down and I was fed through a tube. Then they began hand feeding me stuff like baby food with a spoon. I can’t talk, I can’t think clearly, I’m pretty much operating at a babies level. I’m learning humility though I don’t know it yet. As they teach me to talk and walk my memories begin to stir. Nothing clear, just unconnected fragments. I knew I had been somebody.

Over the next two years things begin to clear. I ended back up in Toledo but was wandering homeless, sleeping where I could find a spot. If I had a dollar hamburger a day I was happy. My toilet paper came from Wendy’s and McDonalds where I could get their napkins. Despite my circumstance I refused to beg. Other’s I met on the street tried to get me to bum spare change and other things but there was no way. I hung on to that scrap of pride. I still hang on to it but have learned a few things on the way. All pride is not bad but must come with integrity. At least that’s how I see it.

So I am grateful to poop scoop. It allows me to help those who have helped me so much. It allows a little pride to remain. When I get this farm running I can stand on my own two feet but until then I must rely on my veteran’s disability pension and the free medical attention I get from the VA. To take a job that I would only lose is not wise right now. So I work to create my job, one I can do and do well. You can’t get fired when you are your own boss. At least I don’t think so. Humility? It’s a good thing to learn, it’s a good thing to be content and grateful for what you have.

End of essay.

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