Monday, January 07, 2008

Off and running

1/7/08 Monday
I am off and running this morning. Running a strong 8 on the bob scale. Love it and hope it stays this way. I love to work and look forward to getting much done. Yesterday was another rough one with more than one seizure. Only one of them was a major one so that was good. I ended up having to lay down and as usual all my energy was sucked out of me so I slept for maybe three hours. It was about 4:30 that I cleared up and reenergized so I did get some stuff done. Till then it was mostly moving the sprinkler every half hour or so. I did get started on putting the tiller motor back together. That will be a challenge as I can’t remember taking it apart so must figure out what goes where. Nothing unusual with that, one of the normal challenges I face daily.

So I’ve been moving pretty good. Got the sprinkler going as soon as it was light enough to see. There was a mist covering the ground that I tried to capture with the camera but the camera can’t see what I do so the pictures don’t do it justice. Cherie is motivated too. She’s been working hard the last few days, really busting her butt cleaning and arranging this house. Plus she’s been cooking up some killer meals.

It’s always good to see her like this. She is so pretty when she smiles. Not that she isn’t other times but her smiles melt my heart. We were talking yesterday, during one of our reminiscent periods, about how we have now been married four years. Or at least it will be come our anniversary on June 20th. It seems like its only been just over a year. We were only married five years the first time so are looking forward to “Breaking our record”. Cherie laughed when I said that. I told her that I looked forward to making her laugh the rest of our life, and I really do. That’s the way to do it folks, laugh, love, enjoy life. It doesn’t get any better than that. Possessions and position matter little when there is love.

Don’t get me started now. I’m lucid and clear so could write a book right now when it comes to how blessed I am and we are. Four years and we still get teary eyed when we talk about the miracle of our reunion. I sometimes think of where I would be if I didn’t have Cherie in my life. She is it, the reason I desire to do so much, to be good, to do good, to live well. Otherwise I suspect I might just sit around drinking and smoking pot, not really giving a shit about anything. Existing and trying to make myself happy in empty ways. Maybe not but I’ll never have to know. Life is good and we are blessed.

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