Friday, February 15, 2008

Cold front came in

2/15/08 Friday
I was real busy yesterday. Had planned on putting a short summary of our love story on for valentine’s day but never got to it as often happens. I bought five hundred feet of half inch tubing at Tractor Supply for the drip feed irrigation we will be putting in. That’s just a start in my mind but we will see if I can keep up with my plans. I seem to think bigger than my ability. Bought an electronic ph tester while there but it doesn’t seem to work. All in all I spent a hundred plus dollars. Had to pull funds out of the savings account but it’s all stuff we need. Picked up a five pound bag of seed potatoes at Walfart also. It’s not much but it’s a start. Knowing a winter storm would blow in today I cut some firewood. Waited till Cherie went to Midland because I know she would be upset about me climbing the Mulberry tree with a chainsaw. After all that’s how I broke my back, neck, and sustained the brain injury that broke up our marriage in 1982 or so. But I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do and staying warm is important.

Today I plan on planting the blueberry bushes we picked up at Lowe’s. Cherie picked up some aluminum sulfate for me to lower the ph of the soil with. I’m going to have to get a different way to test soil ph first. The kits I’ve seen cost four bucks and are only good for one time. The electronic one was six dollars so I’m pretty disappointed. I’m going to soak some soil in water to see if that helps it work. It’s going to be cold for the next two days but that’s no problem for me.

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