Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lots of chores

2/23/08 Saturday
Odds are I won’t be staying on top of this journal because there is so much to do and occupying this mind. We finally ordered a lot of the seeds needed for this farm. We will not be getting nearly as many types of fruits and vegetables as we want. For one thing I wonder now how much I can actually handle. The other is money. It will be over a hundred dollars it looks like, and that is just a start getting the minimum quantities. What I’m thinking is we can harvest seeds from what we plant and be able to plant some serious numbers next year. With what we are sure to learn this year next year should be much better.

Speaking of learning, there is a Home and Garden show this weekend where presentations will be made on a variety of subjects of interest like how to grow tomatoes and drip irrigation. That is a must for us. Janie is back from her travels so we will have lunch with her today as well.

On top of that is the continuing list of chores around here. Just as I hoped I found some insulation at the landfill Wednesday. That seems to be how it works lately. I need it, someone throws it away. Now if someone would just throw away a tractor I’ll be in good shape. Picked up another hose and some shelving along with another roll of metal fencing. There’s more there but I had to make two trips as it was to pack this in the truck. The insulation is not the twenty four inch wide stuff I’m used to but an eight foot wide sheet. I’ll cut it to fit. I also picked up some two by fours needed for the seed shack project. They are full of nails but after I hammer those out they will do just fine.

I also picked up the keyway thing that sheared on the tiller so will work on putting that back together. It is a vital piece of equipment for us, actually the only piece of equipment other than a lawnmower that we have. Oh, I have a hoe and shovel but can only do so much with them before I’ve reached my limit. Among the things I need to do is fix the front door. The wind blew it open the other day and I must fix the latch now.

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