Monday, February 25, 2008

Wicked wind

2/25/08 Monday
Yesterday was a good day. I didn’t have any slowdowns and got a lot done. Didn’t have to take any pain medication Saturday and only one pill yesterday. One of the highlights was another visit by Don. He’s the only one who regularly stops by and I sure appreciate it. Most of the other folks we know are working and have much less time to get out and visit. We talked about bible things and how dangerous and demonic Islam is. Too think Khomeini called the US the “great Satan”.

I ran the extension cord back to what will be the seed shack so I could set up a light. This enabled me to work on it after the sun went down. I really need to get it set up cause the season is fast approaching. If we can get the little greenhouse down the alley from Janie that would be a big help. It’s just a matter of arranging help and the use of a trailer. Eric said he can do it after they move into their new house. I’m going to the landfill this morning to see if I can find some plywood I need for the seed shack. You know, go shopping at the cheapest store in town.

I got some old water hoses from Ed at church yesterday. They are pretty worn but that’s fine, they don’t leak. I’ll put them where they won’t get moved around a lot so that should prevent possible breaks. If I have time I think I’ll rearrange my hose set up. I have a good hose going across the drive in front of the garage that I think I’ll replace with one of the older ones. I need to bury whichever one I use as right now I have to walk over it every time I go in and out of the garage and roll the wheelbarrow, tiller, or anything else over it as well. That’s not good on the hose.

It’s going to be wicked windy today so first thing is to make sure nothing will blow away. I had to catch the big insulation I got last week as the wind started to blow it away. Put some concrete blocks on top of it. Lot to do so no time to write.

So much for posting this. I called Alltel this morning to see what’s up with our loss of signal and having so much difficulty getting and staying online, plus losing phone calls. The techy I finally got to said we were being bounced between two towers and will try to fix it. We are spending a hundred and fifty bucks a month for our two phones and internet service and that’s a chunk of change for us. At this rate I think it would be cheaper to get a satellite set up. Not only will that give us reliable internet access, which will be more important when we get the farm website up, but we can get some decent tv to watch. Right now we only get two, sometimes three channels. ABC doesn’t come in at all so it CBS, rarely NBC, and Fox, which has been off the air a few times when it gets windy. That and the two religious stations. We both miss PBS. Lots of good intelligent stuff on that we used to watch in Toledo.

What was funny, in a sad way, was we lost the call with the Alltel techy while he was explaining what he was going to do. How ironic.

Just got back from the landfill. Got some plywood but it’s pretty ragged. It’ll have to do. Finally got online after three tries but got bumped off again. I’ll keep trying
I was going to work on the seed shack today but the wind is blowing so much sand I need goggles. So perhaps I will tinker with the tiller I thought but now I have one of those splitting headaches that occasionally come along. I’m going to try and print some of those “year in pictures” I put together. I got them done last month finally but now haven’t gotten around to printing them. It frustrates me how much I forget stuff like this, how I don’t do what I plan. The light is pretty bright in the office now because this headache really makes me sensitive to it.

I got two sets of the pictures printed. We are running out of ink now so will have to purchase more. That’s some expensive stuff. I think it’s over thirty bucks a cartridge. Mostly I quit because this headache is so bad. Came in the bedroom, turned off the lights and laid down. I’m not at all tired but quiet and dark keep this headache manageable.
It’s 9:30 now. I pretty much lost a day. At least I got to the landfill this morning, finding the plywood, some two by fours, and large sheets of cardboard I can line the puppy room with, so it’s not a total loss. I was thinking earlier about how it was when I was living on the street. Back then I was in much worse shape, slow almost all the time, especially with the stress, and these headaches coming much more frequently. There wasn’t a bedroom to go into and turn off the lights. I carried everything I owned, all my worldly possessions, in a heavy duty black garbage bag. I had to find a safe place to sleep every night. Someplace where I didn’t have to fear being attacked by other vagrants or picked up by the police. Of course not being rained on was nice too. For a while I snuck into my old warehouse where I could sleep in one of my back storage areas and had access to a bathroom. But Joe, the janitor who was working with my former employee to steal my stuff, found me out. It was a hard time to be sure and should have never been that way, but that’s how the cards were dealt. I had no control and certainly no choice in the matter, it was just a question of survival now.

So it will be some book if I ever get around to writing it. Night all.

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