Monday, February 11, 2008


2/11/08 Monday
I didn’t wake up with the level of pain I figured I would have after how hard I worked yesterday, for that matter the last few days. Now all the bending and lifting sure hurt while I was doing it but that’s when I’m grateful for the pain medication despite being uncomfortable taking it.

Been focusing on pouring the floor in the soon to be seed starting shed. Went out and collected a few hundred pounds of rocks for the base of the floor. Don’t really know what I’m doing but it seems right. Also loaded up some of the big rocks out there that I am using to build a little rock wall out front. All part of making this a nice place to look at. The big rocks were why I thought I would be in pain but I was careful about how I lifted them so that helped.

Just went to the landfill. There was some insulation someone had torn out of a wall I picked up. It will be good in the starting shed to keep temperatures manageable. There was some nice steel roofing but the panel was maybe fifteen foot long. That’s too much to put in this truck. One of these days I’ll have a trailer and that will help. There are some old telephone poles at Bud’s place where I’m getting the rocks that would be nice to have but again it’s more than this truck or I can handle. I’ll have to ask Bud about it next time I see him.

That’s it for now. I’m heading out to get some more rocks to finish up the floor with.

I was going to post this but we’ve been having lots of problems with our Alltell connection lately. It took me an hour with fifteen disconnects to get our order in at Henry Fields. That had me pretty bent out of shape. Right now it is again showing “No signal” meaning the PC card that connects us to the internet through our cell phone account can’t even call in.

Finally was able to get through. I think Altell fixed something cause their signal comes in strong now.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bob, I see I am not the only one that gets frustrated with a decent internet connection. I clicked on comment and then waited while sipping on coffee to give you a shout that you are doing so good on the Farm. I hope Cherie is feeling better. I was able to get more seed in my garden and hoping we do not have any more freezes. Were you able to get any seed potato? Walmart has 5 pound bags for a couple of dollars with the directions on what to do on the bag. I so enjoy keeping up with what your doing on the farm.
Wishing You and Cherie Peace, Love and Prosperity along with Good Health!

Amy E said...

Bob and Cherie, the front of the house looks nice, I like the rocks.
Hope Cherie is feeling better, I feel for her as I have been sick myself the past couple of days.

Have a great week!