Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finished the floor

2/12/08 Tuesday
I spoke too soon last night as going online again became a source of great frustration. When we go to S&J’s today I’m running to the Altell office to see what’s up. There is some cold weather coming at the end of the week so I need to stock up on firewood again. Now that we’ve ordered plants and seeds I need to map out and start the beds. A big part of that is testing the ph and prepping the soil. The blueberry bushes we are going to get from Lowe’s as their price is competitive. The last section of floor in the seed starting shed will get poured today if everything works out as planned. Then I need to run some electricity out there to power the metal halide lamp and other stuff. So I will be busy today providing there are no slowdowns. Fact is I will be busy all year with this farm start up. That will be good though a challenge with my problems. It’s the first time since I woke from the coma I’ll be working so to speak though moving in here has required a lot from me.
2/13/08 Wednesday
I finally got the floor poured. My inability to judge volumes became evident. This is one of those weird little problems that comes with my brain injury. You’ve probably heard of some who can do fantastic things like count all the matchsticks in a bowl, like the guy in the movie Rainman. With me I am unable to look at a plate full of food and figure out what size bowl to get out for it. Anymore I just go for the biggest bowl. So I’m looking at what’s left for me to pour and figure I can finish the job with three of the wheel barrow mixes. It took seven. One of the batches I mixed before didn’t turn out right but that’s tough cause I’m not going to tear it out and redo it. There is too much sand and not enough concrete. This is probably because I forgot how many shovelfuls of sand I had put in so just guessed. Did this several times but it usually turned out good. But the jobs done. Next is to run some electricity to it. That will be a challenge for me.

Yesterday we went to Lowe’s. Cherie picked out some flowers and I got four blueberry bushes and a staple gun. We checked out the drip feed irrigation stuff they have as well. I’ll have to write down the prices so we can figure out who’s got the best deal. Today I’m heading into town to get a ph tester and some stuff to acidify the soil as blueberries need a high acid ph level.

That’s it. Got lots to do so gotta get moving.

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