Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pity parties over

2/21/08 Thursday
I’m a lot better today. Done with the pity party for now, but it’s still hard to think things like this.

So I’ve been working pretty hard, taking advantage of this good weather. Some rain would be nice though. I’ve been having lots of problems processing, thinking I suppose would be a way to put it. Slow downs are coming easy when I have to figure out what I’m doing or how to do it. I’m trying to just focus on one task to alleviate that some.

Here’s some pictures I found on the camera. First is one wall in the seed shack. (That’s what we’ve decided to call it) This is some insulation I recovered from the landfill. I know it doesn’t look pretty but who cares, it works and is out of sight. I’ve got that wall covered with some of the plywood I also reclaimed from the landfill. The next wall now has studs in it so hopefully I’ll get to it today. I’m going to run out of insulation though. Today I make another garbage run so maybe I’ll find some at the landfill.

I went to Lowe’s yesterday and picked up my first load of their broken bags of stuff. What a load it was. I asked the manager in charge if it was ok I mention this on the blog and he said it’s fine with him. I got all this stuff for a song but have decided not to tell how much. It’s a blessing and everything we can find a use for.

I am finally getting around to planting the four blueberry bushes we bought a week or so ago. Way behind on that, it should have been put in the ground a long time ago. But that’s the way things go with me. The list of unfinished or even unstarted tasks is long and ever growing. I just can’t seem to get organized. Cherie is supposed to help with that but she’s not much better than I am.
So one of the blueberry plants is called “Rabbiteye”. I seem to remember there was something significant about it so went online to see. It was just that it’s a southern type of blueberry. However in the process of looking it up I ran across instructions on how to plant and care for blueberries. Good thing I saw that. I’ve spent an hour or two mixing up some soil to plant them with and come to find out I did everything wrong. Blueberries are particular plants and what’s good for other plants is not always good for them. The dirt I mixed would probably have killed the plants so I dumped that and have mixed up a new batch.

I came in to eat the pizza Cherie made for lunch and figured I’d take this time to post on the blog. There’s lots to do so here it is and see ya later.

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