Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not keen on reminders

I’m not too keen on reminders of the results of the accident. Mixing up the concrete was one thing but driving nails quite another. The process of turning the old henhouse into a plant starting shed requires I fix the roof a little. This picture shows where a piece of tin roof was torn off by the wind. There are nails coming out all over this shed as they seem to everywhere else on this farm. I tried to drive them back in but the underlying wood is too old and rotted so they just bounce back out. I found an old piece of this type of corrugated steel that was a little rusty and beat up but you know my saying “I do the best I can with what I’ve got”.

Unfortunately attaching this to the roof proved to be difficult. First of all is my problem driving nails. When they were teaching another part of my brain to operate the right side of my body one of the exercises was playing catch with a rubber ball. This was designed to develop the ability to put my hand where I wanted and close my fingers at the right time. I had a real hard time with that and never finished the therapy as Toledo extradited me and then kicked me out on the street. So I can’t drive a nail well though I did a great job of hitting my thumb. I only had a few of the right nails I had picked up laying around so after managing to get them into the rotten wood I just grabbed two old tires and put them on top to hold the piece of roofing in place. That will have to do. This is why I prefer to use screws for just about everything. A screw and cordless drill are much easier for me to use and less painful as well.

What I want to do next is insulate and cover the inside wall. I have plenty of old two by fours I’ve scrounged up to use. There isn’t enough insulation but I’m sure I’ll run into some. I’ve got three sheets of plywood I picked up at the landfill to use. I’ll need more so will go shopping at the landfill till I find some. I think I’ll run by there today and see what’s come in.

Don stopped in yesterday. It’s nice to have company out here. We a talked about things I can’t remember now. I remember showing him things out back. He still can’t walk very well so we didn’t go far. Of course you don’t have to go far out here to get a solid coating of stickers on your shoes so he had to scrape that off. He mentioned they use old cedar posts for the living history events they participate in and I had a couple. I gave him one but the other still has fence wire attached so I’ll clean that up. He can also use some of the wire fencing I’ve recovered from the landfill to keep his dog out of the garden. “Are you sure you don’t need it?” he asked when I offered to load it on his truck. “I say what I mean” I replied. I suppose that was blunt but fact is I feel great about being able to help him any way. So when I go to the landfill I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some cedar fence posts. They are often to be found there.

I still haven’t finished the chimney. I emailed the internet place that had the elbows I need twice and never got a reply. I give up on them. It looks like the two elbows will cost at least two hundred dollars and that is beyond our reach. I suppose I’ll patch the hole up the best I can and wait till we have the funds.

I was going to Midland for something but can’t remember what. OK, Just checked the earlier entry and see it is to get a PH tester and ammonia sulfate to acidify the soil. That’s what this journal is supposed to do but I seldom remember to write down stuff. It worked this time.

I just got pretty confused putting pictures on this blog. Plus typing is getting harder so there is a seizure coming. I'll find something simple to do and not go to the store in Midland till this clears up.
I found this picture in the camera when I downloaded the pictures of the shed. Don't know when I took it.

I just broke a water sprinkler. I definitely won’t go out in public like this. I broke it because of a cognizance issue. Cognizance being an awareness of things. When I pushed the sprinkler base into the ground my hand was on the hose connection, tearing it off. I know better, just wasn’t aware I was doing it. I won’t drive when like this, might forget to look before I change lanes. These are times Cherie helps me a lot. I think I will play in the dirt for now. Start mixing it up for the seed starting operation. Can’t break dirt you know. It’s frustrating.

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