Thursday, February 28, 2008

They are spraying

2/28/08 Thursday
They are starting the aerial spraying now, probably herbicide. The plane is buzzing two fields away and the wind is blowing in our direction. Cherie is going to sew up a windsock that I will put up in our field. I will stop Bud (the farmer next door) and ask him to insure the sprayers are careful to protect us from the drift. Last year we got hit with the defoliant spray pretty hard. Hope this doesn’t cause problems with Bud but that’s the way it is.

There is always lots to do so this will be a short entry.
Getting the electric wire inspires me to finally attack replacing the old ate up wire that runs electric to the garage. I talked about this when we first moved in over a year ago but like many things never got to it. I couldn’t pull the wire through the hodgepodge of pipes and tubes I had buried between the house and garage for this purpose so dug it up. What a mess it was. Back then I did what I still do now, the best I can with what I’ve got. I just didn’t have much to work with. Since then I picked up this orange pipe from the landfill. Right now I’m trying to make it straight. I’ve wedged it between fence posts and the clothes line and heated it with the propane torch. It’s slowly getting there. Then I’ll put a bend on the ends to come out of the ground when I bury it in the trench. It’ll be much better than what I had.

I’ve been working on this since yesterday. Had a slowdown hit me at three so that put a crimp in the day. It is always frustrating for it to take so long to do things. Once I get the wire run to the breaker box on the house I’ll put the old breaker box, the one replaced when Steve and Janie’s friend rewired the house so we could install the water heater and kitchen, in the garage. From that I can run a circuit to the seed shack and it’s the start of wiring the garage so I don’t run everything on extension cords. I need to dig up some light switches somewhere. Got thirty of forty brand new plugs that Nate threw in with a bunch of other stuff he gave us when we left Toledo. Who knows, perhaps there are some switches to be found at the landfill. It will be nice to have lights and plugs in the garage. Perhaps I’ll get that done this year. I bought light fixtures at the Habitat for Humanity Restore last year. They’re full of sand the some of the bulbs have gotten broke since then. I just can’t put them up by myself.

But the important thing now is to get the seed shack wired. We’re under the gun on that as spring is just weeks away. Jeanie, the lady with the small greenhouse, said we can have it in exchange for stuff we grow this year. That will be a big help in getting plants started. Eric has a trailer and will help us get it moved. They also have some bookcases and stuff that they no longer need due to moving into a new house we can have. If it works out we will move all of it at once tomorrow.

Cherie has already started some plants. The broccoli seeds sprouted almost instantly. Two days and they were a quarter inch tall. Today they’re an inch. Wow!!! She has three flats planted. That’s something like seventy five seeds planted. We’ve got much better dirt this year and learned a bit last year. So I’ve got to get that seed shack wired. No time to write, got to work.

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