Friday, February 29, 2008

Rubik's cube greenhouse

2/29/08 Friday
I am in the middle of my second slowdown for the day so making this entry will take some work. The first one came around ten or eleven. Maybe, nothing is real clear right now. It was a bad one that dropped me to a three on the bob scale. I know Cherie was concerned enough to suggest she stay at home instead of going to S&J’s to work. I quickly dissuaded her of that notion. Told her I was a big boy and could take care of myself. We were to meet Eric at two so we could pick up the bookcases and stuff they wanted to get rid of. I told Cherie I would most likely be cleared up by then. I did clear up about a half hour before but the seizure sure drained me. Driving over I felt like I’d been up all night.

Our trees from the Audubon Society came today. We got ten of them. Two each of Sargent Crabapples, Easter Redbud, Washington Hawthorn, White Flowering Dogwood, and Goldenraintree. Plus there was one Crapemyrtle thrown in as a bonus. All of this for a contribution to the Audubon Society. We must plant them tomorrow. The hardest part will be deciding what to put where. On top of that we will pick up the ninety Afghan Pines we ordered from the Forestry Service next Friday. Little by little we are turning this place into our dream.

The other reason we went to Eric’s was for his help getting the greenhouse. The idea was to load it on his trailer and slowly drive it out to the farm. Unfortunately the greenhouse was wider than his trailer so plan two was to dismantle the thing. That was like figuring out a Rubik’s cube. What a puzzle this was. After trying this and trying that and damaging something else we got it apart, mostly. Putting this sucker back together will be a real challenge. Jeannie’s husband came out when we were almost done and asked “What are you doing?”. Jeannie had evidently not told him she gave us the greenhouse. After being reassured things were alright we talked a bit but Eric let me know he had to get moving so we closed the conversation and hit the road. The simple put a greenhouse on a trailer job had turned into a much longer and more complex event. Eric is so gracious. Thanks dude.

I got running the wire from the house to the garage done. It looks good. Folks, I’m again exhausted from this second slowdown so this is all I’m going to write.

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