Sunday, March 16, 2008

3/16/08 Sunday
Going online is a big source of frustration now. It looks like we will be taking our laptops into Midland when we need to get some internet stuff done that requires a good connection. It took me fifty minutes to download a manual needed for our camera. Got disconnected five times and even when connected download speed would be slower than dial up. This just gets me to where I want to tear my hair out and I don’t have much hair left as it is. I’m pretty sure we want to get a satellite hook up. Janie is going to check with some folks she knows who do satellite set ups for the oil industry. They would know more about it and probably could give us a good direction to look at.

After church we stopped by Don and Cynthia’s to drop off the child’s picnic table we picked up with the greenhouse. He’s doing ok all things considered. The infection on his foot hasn’t gotten worse and that’s good. He hadn’t gotten much sleep so we didn’t stay long. We met Janie at Wendy’s for lunch and enjoyed a bit of fellowship with her. Then we came home. I had developed a headache by then and was pretty tired so just laid down a bit. After that Cherie and I went out and picked up much of the debris from cutting the mulberry tree back.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post this but can never be sure if it will work.

I started that at 9:12 and am finally done at 10:03. What a pain this is. Used to take five minutes.

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