Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rough day

3/15/08 Saturday
It’s been a rough day. Went out and it didn’t take long for thinking about everything I need to do, when to do it, what should be done first, how should I do it, to become overwhelming. It triggered a slowdown that has been with me all day. It is so hard for me to sort things out and make decisions. I know this may be hard for some to understand but that’s one of the reasons I put the post about Mathew Drake, the soldier with a TBI, on yesterday. There are times that deciding where to put something in my hand down turns into a crisis. That’s not all the time but it comes up.

I pulled the tiller up to the garage. Someone offered to pay for the parts to fix it but I won’t know what it needs till I take it apart. But there are other things to do so that will have to wait. In order to plant the raspberries I need to clear out an area. It is under the old mulberry tree and much of the tree needs to be cut down. Because the branches will fall where I want to plant the berries I must cut them before they are planted. Cherie has been helping me clear out debris. She just left for Janie’s to help her clean out a closet.

I’ve been fighting one of those nasty headaches on top of being slow. Makes climbing a ladder and using the chainsaw quite an adventure. Being slow sometimes drastically affects my ability to operate my right leg and that is true this time. Thus climbing the ladder can be risky so I move very carefully.

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