Friday, March 21, 2008

Love it, getting things done with the tiller

3/21/08 Friday
The visit to the neuropsych involved taking a bunch of tests to see how well my brain worked. I hate that because they remind me of how much I have lost. We were there three hours and when I came home I laid down and turned on the TV. Next thing I know I am waking up a couple of hours later. Those tests exhausted me.

The meeting about wind energy was put on by an attorney who’s firm puts together these deals. The idea is to get a large group of us together who’s land is in the same area to attract wind energy companies and get them to compete for leases. This guy has been doing it for seven or so years. It sounds pretty good but we will see. I’ll have Steve look at the paperwork they wanted signed before we do anything. Regardless nothing will happen fast. Seems that these things can take a few years to put together. But considering there are a hundred or so wind generators operating in sight of us with a couple hundred more scheduled to go in it looks promising. Time will tell.

James and his wife were there at the meeting. He’s one of the people from the first church of Stanton who was in our Sunday school class. I liked him and he was fairly open and friendly then. He didn’t seem inclined to talk. They sat next to us. I didn’t recognize him but that is not unusual for me. Cherie let me know who they were. I tried to talk about how things went when we were there in my very awkward way. What I did was try to explain how my social skills aren’t very good and that I probably said things that were not smart. He just repeated that he hadn’t heard a thing, which I found kind of strange being sure I created a stir. I invited and encouraged him to come and visit us. He said he doesn’t get out our way much. After that things seemed to get more relaxed so we talked about things like hearing loss. That encouraged me. I just want to have friends in this community and enjoy the same kind of fellowship we have in Midland.

So I’ve been out using the tiller for the first time. What a blessing that will be for us. Even with it there is lots of hard work for me to do to prepare the beds. First thing is the strawberries. I ran the tiller with the tines running in reverse just a few inches deep as suggested in the directions for breaking sod. Then I’ve been hauling wheelbarrow loads of dirt from the compost I piled up last year with the front end loader on the tractor Wally had rented for us to mow the weeds with. It’s got to be some good dirt as evidenced by how well the rye is growing next to the pile. I was already in pain from helping them load the tiller at the store but today will surely add to that. Thank God for the pain meds. I already need them but they sure help me keep working. As much as I hate them they sure help.

It’s 12:30 now. I’ve taken a half hour break to rest the back and write this. I suppose I should fix something to eat despite not being hungry. Because I don’t feel the sensation of hunger I must eat by the clock. So it’s peanut butter and jelly time. Pray for my friend Don. The infection in his foot has rebounded. Being diabetic that is particularly dangerous. It is not uncommon to hear about diabetics losing their legs. Cherie’s grandfather lost his but that didn’t slow the old guy down.

I’ve got work to do so enough of this.

What an ordeal posting or just going online is. It's taken a half hour so far.

Finally. Forty five minutes, several disconnects, and much frustrating time watching the signal strength go from two or four bars to no signal while the bottom message scrolls "Dormant" even when there is signal. I so look forward to when we can get a satellite hookup.


Don Schneider said...

Hi Bob, I went to the Dr. Thurs. afternoon and he said all the infection is out of my foot. It is swollen because the blood flow back to my heart isn't very good in that leg and the blood tends to pool in my foot. Thank you for your prayers. If the Lord wills, I will see you and Cherie at church Sunday, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. Rejoice, for He is risen. Love,Don

Amy # said...

Congratulations Bob and Cherie on the new tiller! I was about to call and offer you mine, but well then I was embarrassed. Mine is a VERY small tiller, compared to what you have now. LOL! It's a Bolens, and only cost about $100.00. Ideal for me, and my small backyard garden.

I will find another needy soul for it, as we were able to purchase a Ford tractor Wednesday. Praise God! Trying to clear 10.5 acres without a tractor is disheartening. A weed eater and a riding mower just is too slow. ;-)

Hope ya'll have a Happy Easter!



Bob said...

Thank God Don. I was pretty worried after I saw your foot.

What kind of Ford tractor Amy? Just working three of the five acres I cleared is a chore but that tiller will make it doable.

Amy # said...

It's a 1975 Ford 3000, blue, 38 hp. We found it on Craigslist, and he had to drive 6 hours one way to pick it he went and purchased a used shredder from the local tractor guy, and spent all day cutting....we just got home around 9 p.m., and his neck is black!