Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TBI issues

The fence I started remains unfinished.

3/12/08 Wednesday
There is a reason the government declared me disabled. I just don't like facing it or the reminders. I just realized this morning that I forgot about the 125 strawberry plants we got a few days ago. They are sitting in the back room out of sight and out of mind. It’s a stark reminder of how hard this garden may be with my brain injury. Another thing neglected. I will try to focus on doing only this today. Then perhaps it will be accomplished. There is so much to do. Who knows how many of these plants will actually make it. Without the tiller I must dig the beds by hand. This I can do no problem. I did last years garden by hand but Leroy (the guy who installed our well) tilled much of it with his tractor. Don offered to let us use his little Mantis tiller. I’ll have to take him up on that but it’s a small thing and I don’t want to wear it out or anything. By the way folks, I don’t know if I mentioned it but he was in the hospital because of a nasty leg infection. Being diabetic that is particularly dangerous. He’s on dialysis for kidney failure on top of that. He just came home today. Those of you who pray please remember him in your prayers.
The raspberry and blackberry plants arrived today. More stuff I’m under the gun to get done in a timely manner. Now there is ninety trees, one hundred and twenty five strawberries, and nine black and raspberries to get planted. Each one requires work to get ready and put in the ground. I went over to Chuck and Lillian’s to get Tommy to help me move the telephone pole I got off the side of the road last year. I hurt myself trying to move it back then so it’s been sitting ever since. It will be the side of one of the raised beds I’m putting the strawberries in.
Internet access is still not working. I’ve been trying for twenty minutes to post the last paragraph on this blog. The signal strength was bouncing from strong to not there at all as it’s been doing. Now there is no signal at all. I give. If any of you are familiar with satellite internet access I would appreciate any advice.
I was talking to Don and the call was dropped three times in maybe three minutes. Alltel is getting worse. The guy at their office said they had put in eleven new towers and that made things worse?

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