Friday, March 28, 2008


3/27/08 Thursday
There was a whole lot I was going to write yesterday but as usual never got to it. We spent a couple of hours at Alltel regarding our internet line. In the process the guy called a customer service rep to have me talk to. It was one of those guys in India where so much telemarketing is done now. It wasn’t long before I was screaming at the guy even though I was in the middle of Alltel’s sales room. “Don’t you understand English” I yelled in frustration as the guy followed the script on his computer evidently not comprehending what I told him. It is extremely embarrassing for me to have these emotional control issues in public. Eventually, after being shuttled to various other departments and people we learned that our house is in a fringe area. The nearest tower is five miles away and in order to get good data service we should be no farther than three and a half miles. Despite that they won’t let us out of the contract unless there was something changed on Alltel’s end that causes our problems.

We went to the I-Hop near the Walmart on interstate 20 so we could go online. Cherie ordered the grilled chicken salad and when it finally came out it was just a bowl of lettuce with some parmesan cheese on it. The waitress was a trainee and after going to the kitchen said “Your supposed to put that on yourself. Their cooking it now”. I asked to see the manager. She left and came back to say the manager wasn’t in her office. “So there is no manager here at all?” I asked. “She’s here, she’s just not in her office” I was told. “Well, I want to talk to her so could you go find her please”. The girl left again and came back with another lady who, after trying to get us to accept the chicken salad that Cherie no longer wanted said they would take it off the bill. I didn’t finish doing the stuff online I wanted to, which included posting on the blog, but we were pretty much disgusted. My sandwich sucked and the cheese soup was so nasty that after one bite neither of us would eat it. When asked the standard “how was it?” at the cash register (incidentally the couple before us said “We won’t be back”) I expressed my dissatisfaction. A lady had come from the back and heard us. Come to find out she was the manager. The person who had come to our table before was just another waitress impersonating the manager. Because they had already accepted my credit card and rung it up she said she couldn’t refund my money but to just ask for a manager next time we come in. I don’t think that will happen. All of this just set the stage for our visit to Alltel.

This morning I accidently took a double dose of my medicine. I remember looking at my pill minder and telling Cherie I must have messed up before cause there was only one dose instead of the two that were supposed to be there. So I took it. Now I am feeling…well kind of like I took two seizure pills instead of one. That’s the short term memory and is why I always try to tell Cherie when I take a pain pill so I don’t forget and take another one and another one. I just didn’t remember taking my morning meds so presumed I’d screwed up loading the pill minder instead of trusting it.

I’m fighting the depression again. There’s a despair when I see how much there is to do and how little is done. Am I doomed to failure? My saying “If you reach for the stars and don’t make it at least you went farther than if you never reached at all” seems kind of shallow right now. I’ll get over it but it can be hard to keep your head up sometimes.

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