Tuesday, March 11, 2008


3/11/08 Tuesday
There is much frustration right now. I don’t know what to do with the tiller. Will play with the points and timing, maybe. Just don’t know. I’ve spent days working on it. I went to Lowe’s to get light switches and boxes to put electricity in the seed shack but after looking at the hundreds of choices had to come home. Went back later and got some stuff but really don’t know if it’s right. This morning I went in the seed shack to work on it and got confused again. Can’t decide what wire to put where or how to get it there. It’s such simple stuff but you have to remember, there are times that deciding where to set down what is in my hand is difficult and confusing as I weigh different options.

The cold water faucet in our tub stripped out yesterday. I was afraid something like this would happen. The mineral buildup inside the valve is so bad we can’t stop it dripping no matter how hard we turn it. I tighten it down so hard to reduce the noise it makes that Cherie had to call me to open it yesterday. Now it’s running at a steady stream I can hear from the living room. At least it didn’t just break flooding the bathroom like I feared. Fixing it will be a problem as I will have to tear out the wall and know as much about plumbing as I do electricity. Besides, faucets aren’t cheap so we’ll just live with it. If I have to I’ll buy a pair of vice grips and clamp them on the thing to be able to turn it on and off. At least it’s the cold water instead of hot. We can run the hot water and just let it cool down before we get in.

I’ll run into Midland soon to poop scoop at Janie’s. There’s other stuff they would like done such as mulching the front garden beds. I’ll play that by ear. Just too far behind here at the farm.

I stopped at Alltel on the way home from Lowe’s. Told them if they don’t fix our ability to go online we want out of the contract. Even now, as I try to go online and post this the signal strength jumps from three bars to no signal preventing any access. We’ve endured this since December and are just out of patience altogether. It took Cherie three days to get our seed order in. I give. Spent twenty minutes trying to post this. You might see this tomorrow if you’re lucky.
Just came back from Janie’s. Cherie and I went to the Moon Garden for lunch. She noticed I’m depressed. When she brought it up I told her there wasn’t too much to be excited about. That I am surrounded with what I haven’t done or been able to do. It’s hard to be happy about that. I poop scooped at Janie’s and came home. Got the water going. I think I’ll lay down a bit.

It took six tries to get online and post this.

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