Friday, March 28, 2008


I don't remember what day this sunset was though it had to be within the last few. Found several pictures of it I had downloaded.

3/25/08 Tuesday
I can’t believe it’s after 12:00 already. Got up, took my meds and a pain pill, early so I could get to work. I have been encouraging Cherie to take a walk every morning for her health. This morning was the first one. We used to do this when we first moved here but that habit fell away during the winter. She had started back on the Staten drugs for cholesterol despite learning just how nasty they really are, because her doctor said she should. That pissed me off. I feel that the best way to reduce cholesterol and get healthy is to exercise and eat right. So I’m going to have to be a nudge. I love her and want her strong and healthy so we can have as many years together as possible, and make them quality years. From what I’ve read Staten drugs are one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on the American public by the big pharmaceutical giants to date. Y’all ought to go online and check it out.

Yesterday was a rough day. The morning was ok but at eleven I had to go back and take more tests at the neuropsych. That was two and a half hours of learning just how poorly my brain works. It drained me, I was exhausted by the time we were done. We went to the Thai restaurant we had found for lunch. I love Thai food. It has flavors that are unique. Then we went to Tractor Supply to get the warranty card on the tiller filled out. After that we hit Janie’s to go online. I didn’t want to stay too long as her son was there but mostly because there is so much to do on this farm. It’s too bad because there is so much information I need to get and some new contacts I’ve made that I need to follow up on. Both came through the Mittlieder gardening method group. One of them is the VP for the Food For Everyone (or something like that) Foundation. He is working on setting up a non profit for disabled veterans and after learning about me wants to talk.

After all of that activity I was not processing well. At home I was again wandering as I do when slow. One of the things I had a hard time with was trying to determine what size plot to prepare for the corn. The more I tried to figure it out the more confused I got. I have a hundred and fifty seeds that need to be planted ten inches apart. The rows need to be two and a half feet wide. I want to make the area a square as it’s best to have the corn bunched together for pollination. As simple as this is it was too much for me. I decided to make the area ten feet by ten. I marked out two plots this morning that are about three hundred feet apart. This is to prevent the two different kinds of corn from cross pollinating. That way I should have good seed for next year. One of the things I’d dearly love to find is an antique corn machine that removes the kernels from the cob. You see lots of them up in the Ohio Michigan area.

Right now I’m working on compost. I moved the compost bin we got from the seminar put on by the extension agent in Odessa. I had filled it with green clippings from mowing the rye along with some cotton and stuff I had chopped up with the lawnmower Wally has given us. Boy, that sucker stank. Smelled like some animal had died. But it was sure composting. The level sank by two thirds. So it was time to stir this up and I decided to move it farther away from the house and to reload it with more stuff. I’m mowing pathways in the rye fields to collect the green clippings in the mower bag. Cherie and I marked where we are going to plant the Afghan pines so I mowed along that. The clippings will go in the new compost along with the goat manure I got last year. It will make a rich mixture that should be ready in three or four weeks.

Today I am determined to get corn and potatoes planted. The potatoes I planted last week or so I did all wrong. This time I’m using the seed potatoes we got from Walfart. I cut them up two or three days ago and they are ready to go in the ground. I finally got the base of the greenhouse in the ground. At this rate I’ll be lucky to finish it this year.

I fixed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so it’s time to get back to work.
It’s 4:00 and I am still working on the compost. I have a hard time estimating how long a task will take. I figured this would be done in an hour. It’s been over four hours and I am not yet done but pretty close. I think I’ve stayed on task with this, not wandered off doing something else, but it’s hard to say when I don’t remember what happened an hour ago. I had to come in and take a break. Was getting a little light headed and unsteady on my feet. It’s getting pretty warm out now. I’m so tired. Hope it’s not a slowdown.

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