Friday, March 07, 2008

Under the gun

3/7/08 Friday
This morning we are heading to Lubbock to pick up the ninety Afgan pines we ordered for windbreak trees. The one hundred and twenty five strawberry plants we ordered came in yesterday. I received notice by email that the blackberry and raspberry bushes we ordered were shipped. Some of the tomato seeds Cherie planted in flats are starting to come up. The seed shack isn’t done so we can put them under lights and protect them from the cold. The greenhouse is still in pieces in the garage. It is overwhelming and I am way too far behind on getting things done. I managed to get the fence posts in the ground for the fence I started three or four days ago to protect the trees that came from the Audubon Society but that’s it. The tiller still doesn’t work but it’s been sitting in the garage for days now. I finally took the carburetor off last night but looking at it I don’t see anything wrong. But I don’t know what to look for anyway. I’ve been just guessing my way through it.

Without the tiller making beds for all these plants will be lots of hard labor. We need to plant the ninety trees. I need to clear space for the berries. Setting up the irrigation system has not even been started. I have at least repaired the hoses folks donated to us. So I’m under the gun big time now. I haven’t posted in a few days and may not do much writing for a while. If I could keep on track with the tasks I could do better, I suppose. Can’t remember if I’ve wandered lost a lot or had lots of slowdowns, just know not much is finished.

We did get to visit Don in the hospital yesterday. I’m glad that happened. He’s got a struggle ahead with the infection in his leg. Being diabetic makes it extremely tough and dangerous. They have him on I.V. antibiotics in the hospital. While there they brought his lunch. The ticket with his choices for the meal was next to the plate. Not one thing was right, only the bowl of peaches. Here he is a diabetic and his diet is vitally important to keep the blood sugar right and they give him the wrong food. Part of me wanted to go down and raise hell with management but that’s one of my problems I need to learn to control. It was a good visit. I want to go up there some more.


Amy # said...

Bob, where did you order your trees from? We will be planting these same trees for our Christmas tree farm. They were recommended for our area. Thanks!

Bob said...

We ordered them from the Texas Forest Service which is connected to Texas A&M. There are two stages of trees available. We got the ones that are farther along growing wise. They cost a little more but not much. Cherie tells me we spent $170 total for ninety trees. You can find them online