Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another milestone

3/20/08 Thursday
11:27 – I just got back from picking up the tiller. I view this as another milestone. It’s a big leap forward in our dream of creating a living farm. When I picked a check up from Jen she said “it’s a mini tractor”. Without the help of them and Don, for that matter all the friends we have found at First Baptist and Midland, none of this would be possible. Thanks very much for the blessings all of you. That goes for those of you around the country in the blogosphere who have supported us even with simple things like an email, comment, or material things like seeds too.

I don’t have time to post this now. Too much to do. First thing is to read the manual for this tiller. By the way, let me tell how this worked out. After much research I had decided to get the White brand tiller but then Don called this morning. Along with a gift to help us purchase this vital piece of equipment he just happened to get a ten percent off coupon from Tractor Supply. Now the Cub Cadet tiller costs eighty bucks more. Sure it uses the same drive train as the White but it has a three year warranty versus the two year one for the White. The eighty dollars is the reason I was going with the White but ten percent off means I could get the Cub for only eleven dollars more. Not good at math I thought it would be thirty bucks more but figured it out when they rang it up at the store. Looking at them side by side at the store I could see a clear difference. So we’re blessed in that as well.

Today will be busy anyway. I go see the neuropsychologist at one for evaluation for the Texas Rehabilitation people. They may help me get this farm going and off of disability. Even if they don’t I’m gonna do it but I’ll take all the help I can get.

Then tonight there is a public hearing or meeting regarding plans to extend the wind generator farm to our area. If we can get one of those huge things on our land there’s money in it. I don’t have a clue how much but it could give us a big boost for creating a pick your own orchard. Who knows if it will work for us but we are sure curious to learn.

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