Friday, March 28, 2008


3/28/08 Friday
I busted my butt yesterday. Finally got the potatoes I said I was “determined” to get done Tuesday planted. Tilled up where we had planted squash and beans last year. The seed potatoes I got had started to grow so I cut them up in preparation for planting. They are supposed to sit out for two or three days before you put them in the ground. I don’t know when I cut them up but I think it was longer than three days. I’ll go check the journal to see if I made a notation. On Tuesday I said that I had cut them up “two or three days ago”. That means they were cut at least six days ago. Not good but unfortunately it’s not unusual for me to lose track and forget. I hope this didn’t harm the chances of the potatoes making it. This is the kind of thing that worries and depresses me. It’s hard to have all these hopes and ambitions but seem unable to keep up with simple things.

So to plant the potatoes right I needed to dig a trench by hand with a shovel after I tilled it. Then I laid in a bag of peat moss, a bag of something called “landscaping mix” I’d picked up in the broken bag haul before Lowe’s vetoed the idea, and some compost. After throwing in some fertilizer and bone meal I tilled it all in. Then I planted the now wrinkled cuts of potatoes. I strung a soaker hose from last year over as much as I could and watered it all real good.

That was a lot of hard on the back work so I’m paying for it today. I’ve poop scooped at Janie’s where I am writing this. Then I will finally be able to post on the blog. I know it’s been since Sunday but that’s the way it is folks. I’ll post each day separately. There are lots of pictures. Cherie took a video of me using the tiller with a camera someone blessed us with. The Kodak takes video too but we never used it before. I don’t know how to post video’s on the blog but I’ll try.
It worked!!! Here's vidio of the new tiller in operation

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