Friday, May 15, 2009

5/15/09 Friday
Took Ben to get his stitches removed. “He’s doing great” the doctor said. That’s good to hear. Right now my frustration level is way up there. Been trying to get the pictures off the Kodak camera. Forgot just how irritating and stupid the “Easy share” software Kodak has is. There’s nothing easy about sharing when it comes to moving the pictures around in anything else that is not Kodak. Finally got it done after an hour. Just want to throw it against the wall. I’ve got more important things to do than this. Hate this anger that comes up. I’ve got to finish fixing the cook top. When I finally got it all apart I discovered why the burner quit working. The connection had fried right off. Other connections to other burners showed that they had also overheated and melted the plastic that covered them. I went to Ace hardware and purchased a soldering iron for the ridiculous price of $35.00 plus nine bucks for some solder. I soldered the connections but have no idea if this is a good thing to do or a bad thing. The solder didn’t want to melt in right. Hope it works and doesn’t catch on fire. I’m having a hard time thinking right now. The depression is knocking on my door. I’m so tired of this.

Some of the corn is sprouting. I finally finished planting the first batch of blackeyed peas. Weeds are popping up everywhere I tilled. So many weeds. Five acres of them. How in hell can I keep up with that? The gophers killed one of the two apple trees left and I’m sure they’ve started eating the roots of the last one. What an exercise in futility planting those was. The only way we can successfully grow fruit trees is to put a wire cage two feet in the ground around each one along with something on top to prevent gophers from coming in that way. All of that costs money we don’t have. Why dream? It doesn’t do any good. I’m so angry inside I need to stay away from people. It’s a poop scoop day so I must go into town. Will just sneak in and do the job and leave. Hopefully I’ll settle down.

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