Friday, May 22, 2009

5/22/09 Friday
It’s 11:30. I just came in from weeding the corn. Been at it since eight this morning and it doesn’t seem like I’ve done anything, other than make myself hurt. It appears that I’ve killed about seventy percent of the corn. How did I kill it? I suspect it’s from too much water but it could be from the fertilizer I mixed in when I made the beds. Or it could be from some critter eating it. There are lots of empty spaces and no trace of the corn that had started growing. But what is there has little spindly roots and some of it just fell over despite only being three inches tall. So I’m replanting in the empty spaces. It’s a different kind of corn so will cross pollinate with the other corn. Both of them are heirloom types of seed. I’m slowing down bad as I write this. The ears are ringing and it’s hard to figure out what to say. Glad I don’t get these as much as I used to. Really don’t have…forgot what I was going to say. This might be a bad one. Crap, I've got things to do. Not convenient. Got to go.

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