Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pissed at myself

5/28/09 Thursday
Sorry I haven’t posted. I’m pretty pissed off. What am I pissed about? I’m pissed at myself. When I talked to Lillian the other day she told me about how her garden was booming. Her tomatoes are almost ready to pick, her beans were flowering, and on and on. When I drive by Matt’s garden I can see tons of healthy green plants and there are many folks at the farmer’s market selling what they grew and harvested. Me? I’ve hardly got any seed in the ground and ninety percent of my garden space isn’t even ready to plant in yet.

So I’ve been busting my butt and still don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Put my fishing headlight on and worked till almost midnight last night. Because I haven’t been keeping up with this journal much of the last few days are a blank regarding what I did, but I have lots of pictures that will help me remember. At least I figured out how to move the pictures around on this laptop.

I’ve hurt myself a few times doing things I know I shouldn’t because it’s hard on this beat up body. But they are things that need to be done and won’t get done by themselves. I found some fence posts at the landfill that I need. They are basically telephone poles cut to about eight foot lengths, so they are heavy as all get out. I managed to load eight of them on the truck before I gave out. Tried to borrow Chuck’s trailer to get the rest but they are using it so I’ll go back to the landfill this morning and, providing they are still there, will get as many as I can before this back gives out.

Yesterday I pulled the clothesline poles we had in the back yard out of the ground. I plan on using them to make the t-frame trellises for the tomatoes. I’m glad I remember some of the lessons learned in school decades ago for the principles of leverage are what enabled me to get these monsters out. The last one was the hardest as over the years the wind has piled up three foot of dirt over it. This put the big chunk of concrete on the bottom five feet underground. Thank God for pain pills. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. Getting the rest of those fence posts won’t be fun but I need them. Everything comes with a price.

The main reason I haven’t posted is that by the time the day ends I’m just done for. On top of that I feel real guilty spending time writing in this journal in the morning when there is so much to do and I need to beat the heat.

That’s it. Just thought I’d post this so y’all know we’re ok. Got to go get fence posts.

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