Monday, May 04, 2009

Laptop died

Well folks my laptop just died. I had written the post for this morning and was just going online to put it on when everything went black. It seems there is no power going anywhere. Not from the battery or from the ac hook up. Nothing. I tried to plug it in to Cherie's power supply, which I know works cause I'm using it now, but it didn't make a difference. CRAP. Another expense we don't need right now. My laptop has seen some hard use in the three or four years I've owned it. It's had a new screen put in along with a new hard drive. Hope it's easy and cheap to fix this time.
The frustration continues. The tiller has once again started the stalling out thing it did before. I replaced the fuel filter and took the carb apart two or three times to clean it the last time this happened. It seems like there are obstacles popping up at every turn when it comes to getting the farm going. Just when I get to work preparing ground that should have been planted weeks ago the key piece of equipment begins failing. I'll get it fixed but it's another delay. Plus it's going to be hotter than hell starting tomorrow while it's cool enough I needed long sleeves on this morning. The perfect time for hard sweaty work and I can't do it, at least not right now. I will try to nurse the tiller through to see how it goes but will have to tear into it to find the grains of sand that are probably behind this. Eventually I will have some kind of shelter to put it in and protect it from the elements. That will help. The wind blown sand finds it's way into every crevasse. Even though the tiller was just sitting the air filter was full of sand. I'm not going to quit, even though I feel like it, so time to go beat my head against the wall till I break through. You know, I realize that there's not a lot of positive in my writing and that it's probably more enjoyable to read joyous uplifting prose. But life isn't always that way, there's good and there's bad. I try to be more positive, to be like I used to be, but what can I say? Ben got run over, my laptop died, the tiller doesn't want to run, do I put a positive spin on that?? I guess just announce that I will overcome these things, but it's hard to smile about it.

Sorry there's no pictures. They are on my laptop and I'm having to use Cherie's. A good thing is that mine has been backed up on the external hard drive we bought for that purpose after I lost everything when mine got a virus and crashed.

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