Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Up and at em

5/19/09 Tuesday
I’m up and at em this morning. Anymore I get up and dressed, fix breakfast, and am ready to work when Cherie leaves for her job. During the winter I would laze around and not get going till later in the morning and often work on this journal and go online before going outside. Now I’m paying the price for that laziness. So here’s a short entry and if I’m not to beat I’ll add to it later.

The church Cherie works at was broken into Sunday night. It’s probably the same people who have been breaking into churches for a while now. I think the count is at seventeen or eighteen churches now. They are destructive, vandalizing everything and making a big mess, but they only look for cash, not touching thousands of dollars worth of equipment. This is typical dope fiend stuff. So her day yesterday was not real smooth.

I ran the tractor a lot yesterday and now that I’m using it more I’m discovering problems it has. A big concern is the clear fluid that is leaking out of the top of the transmission housing. Whether it’s hydraulic or transmission fluid I can’t tell. We are going to have to bite the bullet and shell out some more funds to buy the service or operator’s manual for it. The shop manual doesn’t say a thing about what type of fluids go where and how much to put in. It doesn’t explain how to operate things like the PTO or tell what different mysterious levers and switches are there for. When the tractor get’s hot it stutters and stops running. I must turn it off and let it cool in order to continue using it. Not convenient.

The corn and blackeyed peas are doing well. We lost about thirty percent of the corn to whatever critters feasted on it but what’s left is probably big enough to survive any more nibbles.

That’s all for now. Too much to do to sit here and write about it.

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Nate~ said...

most tractors use hydraulic fluid type oil for the transmissions and hydraulics, TSC sells it as Tractor Hydraulic/Trans fluid, I use about 5 gallons a day with our Case 1370 it is about $35 per 5 gallon bucket and you are better off buying the bucket because a 2 gallon jug is $20

here is a link to what you will want to use http://www.tractorsupply.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay_10551_10001_33963_-1______?rFlag=true&cFlag=1

can you take a few pics of where it is leaking?