Friday, May 01, 2009

Time to beat the heat.

Last night's sunset

5/1/09 Friday
Ahhh! First of the month, a time when we used to stock up on essentials and buy other things we need. As expected the disability check did not come. That changes the equation dramatically. Good news was that when I went to see about getting my cell phone fixed all it needed was to be turned on. I forgot how to do that. We were worried we would have to buy another one and that’s an expense we didn’t want.

Today will be a hundred degree day. I’m getting out early to do as much outside work as I can before it gets stifling. Yesterday was hot too and that just drained me. Then at the end of the day I had one of those bad migraines. They aren’t technically migraines because the stem from the brain injury and are different. Doesn’t matter as they are debilitating no matter what label you put on. It’s just that normal pain medication doesn’t touch them so I resign myself to the bedroom and avoid bright lights and loud noises. Cherie sneezed and it went right through my head, the sound did that is. I don’t get these as often as I used to and hope this isn’t a resurgence of the problem.

We may go visit Ben today but will have to play that by ear. At four a lady from Texas Rehab Commission is coming to the house. She is the third counselor who has taken our case. I no longer have a lot of confidence they will do much for us and suspect that because Cherie is working and I no longer collect disability we may no longer qualify for their help. Such is the way of things. I’ll build this farm one way or another but it’s sure slow going without any help. Actually we have had lots of help. The water system that I now have was a gift from Jay and his son did a lot of the work with a trencher. Like I’ve said before “This is the farm that love is building”. By myself I can do little but with friends I can do all things, well a whole lot more with a little help.

So it’s take a pain pill and get to work time. I wonder if losing my disability will change the medical benefits I get. Probably will but I hope not. A big part of that is the cost of medication. Time to go beat the heat. Today also happens to be the freeze date, the time it’s figured to be safe to plant. I’m so behind.

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