Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ben is home now

5/3/09 Sunday
Well Ben is home. We went to visit him yesterday and Dr. Law said that he was doing so well we could take him home. That would save us the cost of him being kept there. The final bill, when all’s said and done, will be close to a thousand dollars. That will include multiple visits to the vet and the removal of the pin and wire holding his leg together. That reminds me, a recent commenter said that he/she (it was an anonymous comment) would like to contribute but didn’t use Pay Pal or anything else online so wanted our mailing address. Our mailing address is bob & Cherie Westbrook, PO box 1176, Stanton, Texas, 79782.

It will take weeks for Ben to heal up, as long as he doesn’t make things worse by trying to walk on it too much. He can walk, on three legs, but it’s obviously painful for him. The pin should come out in six weeks and Dr. Law said that shortly after that we won’t be able to keep up with him. Oh, we’ll keep up with him, or at least try to. I’m hoping to train him to stay home. Sure wish we had one of those electronic fences with the shock collar to keep him close. Gretchen will be the problem here. We’re going to get her fixed as soon as we can.

Here we are at the vet's.

When we walked into the vet’s place and Ben saw us it was something else. He started the loud howling, whining, “You still love me, I’m glad to see you” ministrations. It was just like when we tried to adopt him out and he was returned because of the deep depression he went into. You can read about that somewhere in this blog but I don’t have time to look it up. Despite the pin, huge scar, and pain, he struggled to get out of his cage to greet me. Doc picked him up and set him down near me. I was sitting on the ground by this time knowing he would want to get close. Ben buried his head in my lap and cried as he burrowed deeper soaking up the pets. That didn’t stop the entire time we were there, about a half hour, so I let Cherie talk to the doc about how to care for Ben. We carried him to the truck and as soon as I started it Ben calmed down, knowing he was going home. I’m sure he was afraid we’d leave him behind.

Getting home Ben started his vocal ministrations again, recognizing where he was. Gretchen heard and RAN to the truck with great joy her Ben was back. She jumped in right over me to get to him and vigorously examined him as she gave lots of kisses. They truly are a couple. I picked Ben up and carried him close to the water bucket. The doc showed us how to run a towel under his hips to lift his rear so he wasn’t on the leg and let him walk with his front legs as we walked with him holding the towel. He had to pee so that was awkward.

I started to fix the kennel up so we could keep Ben confined and reduce the time he spent on his feet. Ben, unsupervised during this, hobbled about investigating everything he could, glad to be home again. Gretchen stayed with him but I had to keep her away. She’s still in heat and tried to get her old lover excited, finally trying to mount him in her frustration. Ben crawled under a piece of fencing that was leaning on the fence our friends put up, thus preventing Gretchen from bothering him.

Ben made his way to the veranda, where the food bowl is. He’s so weak that he can only go a short distance before he must lay down and rest. This is where him and Gretchen sleep every night so is a familiar and safe place for him. Seeing this I decided it would be a better place for him to recuperate so made a barrier with some plywood to keep him confined. There’s no question he’s glad to be home.

It was a restless night for me. Gretchen got me up two or three times barking at whatever. That’s her protective guard dog instincts coming out I suppose. I got up each time and went out to make sure everything was alright.

This morning Ben was resting right where we left him on top of the cushions we had in the kennel for them. He was so weak last night he couldn’t crawl up on them so I lifted him on. I placed the food and water so he could access them without getting up. That seems to be working well and he’s not inclined to get up and explore. He’ll have to use the bathroom but should be able to do that without assistance.

So our baby’s home.
One of the two peacocks that were abandoned in our vet's neighborhood. They wander up and down the street and everyone looks after them.

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