Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rough time to be in jail

12/21/10 Tuesday
It’s been a busy day, but I’ve done almost nothing at home. Despite that I’m worn out, feel like I’ve worked hard all day. Cherie was able to get an appointment today, with the dentist she had found the last time we had a tooth emergency. She’d been suffering for well over two months, ever since the cap had fallen off of one of her teeth. She was unable to eat chips or food that had hard parts to it for that whole period of time and despite being careful she would still on occasion bite something that caused excruciating pain. When we would go out to our favorite Thai restaurant she would always order some soft food and I’d eat her fortune cookie because it wasn’t possible for her. Of course these kinds of things don’t get better with time, they generally get worse. Cherie had been saving up some money and we were finally at a point it had to be taken care of and we could pay the dentist, who expects payment when the work is done, unless you have insurance.

So I drove Cherie to work this morning because I wanted to fix her bosses blinds that were in her office and had fallen apart. I’d had a long interesting conversation with her (Cherie’s boss) the day before regarding our mutual friend who was just fired because of her bizarre behavior. That behavior continues to be disturbingly strange and we have great concern for her, fearing that the path she has chosen will cause much pain and heartache. I keep a record of what she says and does in my private journal, documenting it for future reference should a time come when it all needs to be brought out to the light. It is a textbook example of what happens when you choose to do what you know is wrong, and then cover it up in order to continue practicing it while you put on a big show of how holy and spiritual you are. It is sad because she has pulled the wool over many peoples eyes. We know and clearly see what is happening, can name dates and events that would reveal great deceptions, but God won’t let me say anything until those being deceived can see it for themselves. So I pray. Pray that all that is done in darkness will come to light.

I went to the jail after taking Cherie to work. Tuesday is my regular jail ministry day and I try to be consistent about it. Walking into the office I asked the sheriff if there was anyone in the jail this week, for last time there was no one in the jail. There was a young man who had been arrested last week so the sheriff went down to see if he was willing for me to come and talk with him. He was so I went down and the sheriff let me into the cell area, locking the door after me.

The young man is heart broken. He didn’t really commit a crime to be in jail for, at least not from what he said. His story is one I’ve heard many times and seen as well as personally experienced in my life. It’s easy for a woman to accuse a man of mistreating her, and in the process use the law to get that person put in jail facing criminal charges. I listened to a boy pour out his heart, tell a story of falling in love, getting a girl pregnant, and then watching reality set in as he learns more about this future mother of his child. There are no easy answers here, unless she surrenders to God and allows His love to come in and change her life and put a new heart in her. Without that I see a lot of turmoil ahead, with an unborn baby being a victim of the poor choices it’s parents made. I prayed for him as he cried. My hope is for reconciliation, that these two can come together with Christ as their head, and create a home for this new life that is soon to come into the world. Those of you who pray, please hold them up for God’s hand to touch. It’s a tough time of year for this kind of thing.

Cherie’s appointment with the dentist was for 1:30 so I made sure I was back in time to take her there. We didn’t know exactly what the dentist would do so wanted to make sure I was there to drive her home after. The dentist took out two teeth and let Cherie know that another one would cost over two thousand dollars to fix, as it required a root canal and then a cap. The cheaper option will be to have it removed, as we decided to do with the two teeth he pulled today. So we will save up our money and get the other one done later.

We went to HEB after the dentist to get her prescription filled and buy some soup and other you just had some teeth pulled food. Then I took Cherie home, fixed her some macaroni and cheese, a fresh pot of coffee, and then a bowl of vanilla ice cream.


Loretta said...

Cherie, I hope your feeling better real soon. I remember in years past what it was like to have a tooth hurt. Take care.

Bob Westbrook said...

Cherie says "thanks". Her teeth will be a continuing issue for the next few years, but we will pay extra for her insurance to cover teeth so that should help, once it kicks in.

Loretta said...

That's good she can get insurance. I fought with mine for years until we had insurance and some money saved. Feels good not to hurt anymore.