Thursday, December 16, 2010

Strange days indeed

12/16/10 Thursday
There is so much going on in this world, in this country, and at the local level. Things that are unusual, different, yet the same things that have been going on for centuries. I sense a spirit has been loosed and is moving through the hearts of those who, through their compromise, have opened the door to it. It is a spirit of deception, a powerful demon that disguises itself as an angel in white, using the truth to tell lies, seeking to deceive and lead away the elect of God. With it are many other spirits, that entice with sensuality, greed, and feed the pride that is the downfall of so many. Things are rapidly moving towards the inevitable conclusion, towards that final day when our Lord returns. There is coming a purging, a purifying of the church, where the works of man will be tried with fire. False prophets and teachers are here, imbedded in the church unbeknown and accepted by the congregations, who have their eyes blinded by false doctrine and apathy. I see so much but am not allowed to speak on it, at least not yet, for I must first purify my heart, or I will not withstand what will come.

I know this all sounds strange folks, a little out there. But watch. See what’s coming. There will be violence and persecution of all that is holy. Money will fail, greed will prevail, and those who wish to suppress and dominate the weak will gain greater ability to do so. Soon food will be hard to come by, and the ability to feed your family made difficult. It is already this way elsewhere in the world, where tens of thousands starve to death, but here in America will come upheaval and that which we thought unshakable we will no longer find reliable. Islam will be at the root of this, along with communist powerhouses, and both will attack God and the nation of Israel, along with each other. As the world crumbles they will strive to grab as much as they can, will engorge themselves till they vomit out that which has already been devoured, now ruined and destroyed.

So we prepare this farm, knowing we need to feed many in those last days. Will it be ready in time? I pray so, and depend on God’s help to achieve this goal, for I cannot do it by myself. I am spending more time fasting and praying these days. Often waking up in the early hours of the morning to pray for people and situations I do not know of, along with people and situations I am acutely aware of. These are strange days, and I know there is a greater purpose for me being raised from the dead than just the restoration of my life and marriage to Cherie. Our enemy knows this and works hard to disrupt all relationships with those we meet. But God will prevail, as long as I don’t compromise and keep myself right.

Today I will write more letters to the prisoners in Ft Stockton. Then it’s back to work on the bathroom, doing the small things I know how to do and waiting on those things I don’t.

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Bob Westbrook said...

It's no coincidence that after I posted this I got an email with a link to a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard telling of their plans for the world. Here's the link,

It's firsthand from someone who was there and involved