Friday, May 12, 2006

Cold rainy morning

5/12/06 Friday
I am running about a 6 or 7 this morning. Not doing bad but I had to think a moment to remember what year it was as I wrote the date above. Probably a 6 on the Bob scale. Yesterday was a good day as evidenced by the total length of my post. Almost wrote a book, but it was a busy day. This morning Wayne will use his medical cab for the first time.

Just called Wayne to check on him. He is waiting for his cab but asked if he could call me in case they didn’t show when he was done with his appointment. I asked how his blood sugar did yesterday and he said it was better than the first day.

Last night I had a headache coming so I took this new medicine for the first time. It is hard to say it worked because sometimes when I feel the start of a headache it doesn’t get bad. Last night was like that. When Cherie looked it up on the internet it said that what the drug did was reduce the flow of blood to the brain. I had presumed that the migraines were made worse because of a lack of blood so would take aspirin to thin it so more would flow. Who knows, I don’t, just guess at things.

I seem to be slowing a little as I write and the ear is starting to ring. At least I don’t have anything really planned though I do want to call Denise to see when I can go over to look at her computer. Imagine that, me working on someone’s computer when I get lost on mine. Hey, I do what I can.

11:09 – I laid down for a short time because I am feeling poorly. It’s hard to describe. Kind of tired but not the tired where you want to sleep. I took one of the new migraine pills because it said to take them when you feel a headache coming because it wouldn’t work well after the headache was in full force. I am still running at a slow 6 on the Bob scale, probably more like a 5.

I called Jim McGilvray this morning to ask about the Federal group life insurance policy on my grandmother. He just returned the call. He said that because I had gotten a lawyer he wasn’t allowed to talk to me. I didn’t know that but there’s lots of stuff I don’t know. When I explained that I just wanted to see about the life insurance policy and wondered if it would delay things. Jim did say that it was not a part of probate at all and seemed unaware of it. This is curious because Larry specifically told me that he had sent all of this to McGilvray. I have to wonder if that was another lie and if so what would be the motive. Because of what Larry said I have not completed the form I was sent from the Federal Employees Insurance office. I better get on that as Larry is still not proving to be trustworthy. This is just another in a long line of his mistruths. Whether it was intentional or not I don’t know but I directly told McGilvray Larry said he sent this to him and Jim was specific in stating he didn’t know anything about it. I now have to wonder if there were any other insurance policies I haven’t been told about. I will E mail this to my attorney now.

Just checked this journal to get the dates on this insurance policy. We received the letter about it on the 6th of this month. I called Larry and Virginia this Monday the 8th.

1:00 – I just talked to Sally Edwards, the attorney who I found for Wayne’s disability claim with Social Security. Bill, another person with MS fighting to get disability, had told me that she was in great pain due to a pinched sciatic nerve so was having problems keeping up with things. Sally told me that she was doing better because she was getting electronic traction. We had a good talk. She is quite a woman who takes only MS cases because her husband had died of MS. Things are under way and I will be sending as much medical information as I can to help her. The thing is I was going to do this before and as often happens it vanished from my mind. I better get on it now before I forget again. Still not moving to fast but getting some phone calls made.

I called the number on the Federal Employees’ Group Insurance and talked to the lady handling the case. She told me that She did not need the death certificate of Lee’s first husband, only Rudy’s. That will make things much easier. Time to get to work on these things before I get distracted and they vanish again.

1:26 - I’m pretty slow now. Down to a four. Dizzy and having a hard time sorting things in my head. Need to focus on just one thing. I choose to get Wayne’s medical records together.

That didn’t work. It’s a partial seizure. Down to a 3 now. Will grab a sandwich and go to bed. Maybe just go to bed.

Laying down doesn’t work. Wide awake and can’t stand watching the ceiling. Tried the television but too much noise and things to process. So I will just look at blogs as I can do that at my own pace which is real slow. Frustrating to be a vegetable. The sandwich tasted bad but my taste buds don’t always work well. This sucks.

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