Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rough start

5/10/06 Wednesday
This is a rough morning. Woke up groggy and with a headache. I have a busy day scheduled. It starts with me getting Wayne to MUO to start his battery of steroid infusions. That is at 10:00 and I am to get Barb to a church in Sylvania by 11:30. It will be cutting things close as I have no idea how long it will take with Wayne. Hopefully this headache will go away. I am only running about a 5 on the Bob scale.

Cherie has some misgivings about the love story as she is not sure how her parents will take things. I told her to let me know what she has problems with and I will try to make it acceptable. My main criteria is that everything be accurate and the truth. Part of the problem is that everyone will view an event from their own perspective. Thus two people will draw very different conclusions from the same event. Usually we will interpret an event so we were doing the right and noble thing, to put us in a good light.

I will be leaving in an hour. Cherie is fixing to go to work so I must take a break to give her, her morning hug and kiss send off with a laugh mixed in. I love to see her laugh. It is harder for me to get her to laugh when I feel this bad.

10:07 – I am at MUO now. They said it will take about an hour to do this procedure. That will be cutting things close. This is a hard day, one of the ones where I get lost. I have been to MUO dozens of times but today nothing looked familiar. I was uncertain of the correct street to turn on because all the buildings at the corner looked out of place. I remembered the name of the street but not how things looked. I explained to Wayne that I was not doing well and had a headache so he would understand my being curt and not wanting to talk. As I sit in this waiting room the sound of the television and people talking makes it hard for me to formulate these sentences. My right leg is also not functioning well as is often the case when I am slow.

11:24 – I am still not doing well. Went outside to call Barb and tell her I was running late because they still had Wayne hooked up for his infusion. She said Fred had been calling so I called him. Ed Schmidt needs me to drop by so they can get the number of the remote control.

NCIS’s show is portraying a traumatic brain injury. We saw a portion of it last night as the lead guy woke from a coma. He was confused and didn’t remember things. Wow, Déjà vu here. Traumatic Brain Injury is starting to get recognition and you see it showing up more on television and in movies. Fifty First Dates is a movie that portrays a man with short term memory loss. Another one is called Memento.

12:14 – I dropped Wayne off and called Barb, telling her to be outside and ready. I slid up to her apartment and took off as soon as she got the door closed asking her if she knew where this church was I was taking her to as I spun the car back the direction I had come. “It’s on Erie. I think that is what Monroe turns into when we get to Sylvania” she told me. When I told her we would be late she said she had called and we would have time. I broke a few laws getting there but I’ve had a lifetime of practice getting there faster than I should.

Barb received two bags of cleaning supplies at this church in Sylvania. Fred had called her several times already and called as we were driving away. “Trilby church? No I don’t want to go there” I heard Barb say as she began to argue with Fred. She hung up and laughed telling me “That cheap ass. I don’t want to go to Trilby. All they have is macaroni and cheese and other high starch stuff. I need to lose weight”. Understand she operates at a ten year old level much of the time and her voice has the inflections you would hear out of a child.

As I drove her home she talked about things going on. Her brother, Bill, started calling her out of the blue. I wondered if he was wanting something out of her as that is when he usually calls. Other than that she doesn’t hear from him and he won’t return her calls. He wanted her to switch her cell phone company to the one he uses. I’d bet he will get some kind of incentive for that. Who knows. He is a long term alcoholic who will go through periods where he won’t drink but always goes back to it. Selfishness is a big part of most alcoholics as they take care of themselves and will make no sacrifice for others unless there is something in it for themselves. I know a few like that. One reads this blog regularly.

I went to Ed Schmidt after I got Barb home. There I found JD and watched as he searched for a remote that matches the one for Fred’s Buick. It took a while but he finally came across one at the bottom of the box. He had me take it to the back where they programmed it for the car. I asked about the key that was supposed to be made and got the usual confusion. When they called JD and learned that Greg, the site manager, wanted this done there was movement. A key blank was found and cut in short order.

With all done that I needed done I came home. It has been a hard day with the migraine making driving tough due to my sensitivity to light. It is cloudy out so I didn’t take my sunglasses but if I did I would have been wearing them. I didn’t eat today so I will make a sandwich. My brain is now operating at a 7 on the Bob scale and the headache has faded to manageable levels.

8:00 – So much for that. The headache had a revival meeting and the preacher is screaming to the choir in my head as they beat drums. It has been a hard day and when I thought things would clear up they came back. Oh well. I got stuff done so I can feel good about that. Running slow still and having a hard time walking. Frustrating to say the least. The weather turned bad with a low pressure system bringing lots of rain. It is supposed to be like this till Friday. Wonder if that contributes to this slow down.

I am sure I had something I needed to do but don’t remember what. Regardless I don’t feel up to doing much. Think I will go blogging and call it a night.

I just came to check my E mail and blog as I usually do before I retire for the night. I got an E mail from my son Bruce in Iraq. In it he included this picture of a girl who had been injured in a mortar attack at the compound there she was in. I am proud of Bruce and wonder that he turned out so good despite all the personal problems I had.
I suppose I showed him first hand how not to act. He is a sheriffs deputy who works in the county jail when he is not fighting in Iraq. Glad he wasn’t at the jail when I was a unwilling guest. That would have been embarrassing. I can just imagine it. “Oh hi son”. “hi dad, will you go to your bunk for count time”. Glad that didn’t happen. Here’s the picture.
Good night. I'll see ya tomorrow


ByronB said...

Seen both those movies - the first one, "50 First Dates", is a fairly straightforward plot, but with the sting in the tail that Drew Barrymore had to be reintroduced to her children every day. I'm not a great Adam Sandler fan, though.
The second one, "Memento" is a terrific thriller, and you have to battle through a web of confusion and flashbacks as confusing for you as for the hero. The ending is really creepy, and throws such a doubt in your mind that you have to watch the film again ( just like you did with Bruce Willis's "Sixth Sense").
Both movies really make you stop and think hard about what life would be like with severe short term memeory loss.

Bob said...

Yeah. I'm not nearly that bad but I have my moments. My joke is that I am either the smartest dumb guy or the dumbest smart guy you will ever meet. Just depends on what moment you meet me. That is what throws people off because I was tested and found to be on the low end of the genius scale. Part of my brain is still there but I can go from extremely lucid to kind of dumb. Some think I am faking and others that I am on drugs. I stopped caring what folks think and just live in a way I can be proud of. Thanks for stopping by Byron. By the way I really don't like Adam Sandler too much either but he has his moments.