Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good morning World!

5/3/06 Wednesday
Good morning world. Look out! I’m awake! I’m going to have a good day by golly. Why is that you say? Because I choose to have a good day regardless of what comes. Many of us don’t understand how powerful our will can be to overcome the problems surrounding us. Much of the time our problems are a direct result of the decisions we make. An alcoholic chooses to drink, a lazy man chooses to not work, and on and on. I know it is an oversimplification and there are always a crowd of reasons for the problems one has but we all decide to do things we know aren’t wise. There is a Biblical saying that holds true no matter what you believe. You reap what you sow. So decide you are going to have a good day and start making decisions the way you know they should be. Things will get better.

Well I woke up tired and worn out. Much of that is because I had a long day and I was up till 12:30 getting yesterday’s entry posted. On top of that I had the migraine. This morning I am all philosophical as you can tell from the first paragraph. I’m going to run over to Wayne’s real quick and get his medical information to take to his neurologist. Have to get it done early because I need to be here for when UPS arrives. Gotta go.

Got that done. Picked up a paper for Fred on the way home. It is a perfect day outside, sunny and in the 70’s. Fred would like to get out and I can’t blame him but he will have to wait until UPS drops off my camera.

I was tired when I woke up and had a short burst of energy while I took care of Wayne but now I am tired again. It would probably help to eat some breakfast. I need to get better at making sure I eat.

Cherie just came home for lunch. It is always good to see her. I am still tired and even having a hard time staying awake. Suppose I should take my afternoon nap. UPS hasn’t made it here yet. I will have Cherie ring the doorbell on her way back to work to make sure it still works. They had to fix it a few months ago.

3:37 – Just got back with Fred. He had called me and asked if I would listen to a message on his machine cause he couldn’t understand what the lady said. I went down and wrote down the phone number that he was to call. We talked a bit and I walked out just in time to catch the UPS guy. He was writing another note that he had missed me. Of course. I’ve been in all day waiting and the one time I left the apartment is the exact moment he came by. I saw him through the window and rushed out to catch him. Long story short “I GOT MY CAMERA”.

I took Fred to the Dollar Tree where he knew exactly what he wanted. Other than the strawberry cookies it was all for Barb. Just some spices and honey. As we were walking out Fred asked “If I bought a steak would you cook it for me?”. “Sure Fred, I got a portable grill. I’d be happy to fix it up for you” was my reply. “I haven’t had a steak in a long time. I’ll gum the thing all day if I have to” Fred explained. We went over to K&J meat where he picked up four New York strip steaks. Two of them are for Cherie and I and one he wants me to take to Barb Friday when I take her to the church for the food handout. He also wants me to take her to turn in the aluminum cans. He told me this was the last time but when I asked if he told her that he said no. It’s twenty miles to her place and back plus whatever it comes to for driving to the recycling place. She only gets about $5.00 each time. Gas is almost three dollars a gallon so I am not happy about that. It almost costs as much to take her as she gets.

The doctors office called to tell me they were done with his medical records I had taken over. Forgot I even did it. She also asked about his appointment for the infusion that will take three days. I told her we haven’t got any paperwork or call on that. I need to get it scheduled because it will be three days. Actually this might be a good time for Wayne to use his medical cab.

I got busy doing stuff and just remembered about picking up Wayne’s paperwork. OOPs. I ran to pick up his paperwork and the letter. When I read the letter I knew it wouldn’t do. It said Wayne “may” need air conditioning and it “may” help him. This is not good enough because I know LMHA and NPI won’t do anything they don’t have to and something this vague will not work. I told the nurse this so she went back and talked to the doctor. Coming back the nurse said to wait and the doc will redo the letter. It was much better so I am off now.

I stopped by Kroger to pick up some eggs for the flan I am planning on making. Now I a making mashed potatoes. Fred will love these cause I make some good mashed potatoes.

Well the mashed potatoes sucked. I tried to heat them up in the microwave after I skinned them. That didn’t work well. The outer part of the potatoes were tough resulting in chunks that were not fun to chew. Cherie tried to help them while I cooked the steaks outside on the grill. I called up Fred to see how he liked his steak. Come to find out he had been expecting the steak right after Cherie came home. Oh well. I know he will like the steak but I am curious to hear what he says about the potatoes. I like straightforward honesty but know it is not a popular concept.

Tomorrow I go to the VA hospital in Ann Arbor to meet with the neurologists. This always makes me nervous. These doctors are the ones who will take my driving privileges away if they think that the partial seizures are a threat. I learned not to use the term “partial seizure” and instead say “slow down”. It is a thin line to walk. They are my doctors and I need to be up front with them so they can make good decisions regarding my health but I don’t want to lose my license.

I think I will call it a night now.


ByronB said...

Sacrilege! You can't make mashed potatoes in a microwave - that will just bake them! You have to boil them in a saucepan of water for 20 minutes, drain them and then mash them with a fork, dropping in large dollops of butter and a slurp or two of milk and whip them till they're smooth and creamy. Ooops, I've just made myself feel very hungry.
(My wife lets me do the mashed potatoes when we have them. Apart from that, I can boil or poach an egg, and that's it).

Bob said...

Now you tell me. I learn all kinds of lessons from my mistakes and then promptly forget them. Of course when I make the same mistake again I remember.