Wednesday, May 24, 2006

High Tide

5/24/06 Wednesday
IT IS PRIME TIME. In the ebb and flow of my brains functionality I am at high tide. This is one of those mornings where I wake up with the brain operating at an 8 or 9 and I am full of energy. Doesn’t happen as much as I would like and I never know how long it will last but I am always grateful for these moments. I have showered, washed dishes, changed the sheets on the bed, and just got done talking to Lou from Gerdinich Realty regarding Wayne and his section 8 paperwork to get him moved. He is approved on Gerdinich’ side of things, just has to get some paperwork completed. That will require my help and I will need to take him to LMHA to get some forms.

I am scheduled to take Fred to the grocery store at 11:00 so after that I will run over to Wayne’s. In the mean time I will get as much stuff done as I can while I am sharp. It has happened that I stay sharp as this all day long but that is somewhat rare. I haven’t gotten much done the last few days and top of the list is to get Wayne’s medical records to the lawyer in Kentucky. As you regular readers know I was going to do that a month or two ago and then last week. That is the way it goes with me and is another example of the problems that come with a traumatic brain injury.

Speaking of regular readers I must say high to whoever is in San Ramon, California. You are one of the most faithful readers of this blog, visiting me every day and sometimes more than once in a day. Drop me an E mail at so we can meet. I always wonder that others take such an interest in our lives. That reminds me I need to work on the love story. It is almost finished but I am at the good part. That is where Cherie and I get back together and it is hard to keep this under a few pages.

Got to go now. Will dig into getting Wayne’s records together and sent out now before I either forget or possibly slow down.

12:22 – Just got back from taking Fred shopping. It wasn’t too bad because Fred was doing well and only got a little confused. He was picky as usual, being outraged that he couldn’t get a loaf of rye bread for a dollar like he could white bread. I helped him make up his mind on a few things. I got dizzy like I often do in a grocery store where there is so much to process but it wasn’t bad.

They are putting another layer of asphalt on the parking lot so we should be able to use it soon. Right now I am heading over to Wayne’s to help him do his paperwork in order to move. Cherie and I must figure out how we will get everything moved. I would have asked Nate because he has a trailer but don’t think I will cause I know I can’t keep my mouth closed. There is so much I haven’t put in this blog regarding that situation. It has been hard not to write about it. I can’t resist saying this. Cherie went over there a few days ago and there was a washing machine in the front lawn with a water hose hooked to it. Nate was out there doing his laundry. Of course the yard looks like a garbage dump so I am sure the law will come out again. It is sad.

Time to run again.

4:40 – Not doing good now. Going down hill fast. Was sharp most of the day but am now running a 4 or 5 on the Bob scale. It will be hard for me to remember what I have done since my last entry but I can recall some of it by trying real hard. I know I went to Wayne’s. Fred wanted me to drop some stuff off at Barb’s. I had gotten in the car to go and he came out, waving me down before I got away. He gave me a dollar and asked me to get some toilet paper for Barb at the Dollar Tree.

Just as I paid for it at the check out the cell phone rang. It was Fred. “Are you still at the Dollar Tree?” he asked. I said I was so he asked me to get some ranch dressing for Barb. No problem. I got it and headed out. Barb was at the perverts apartment when I drove up. I gave her the stuff and went to Wayne’s.

There I picked up the paperwork that needed to go to the realty company. I called the agent to make sure he was in and drove to his office. There I gave him what he needed and got the forms from him Wayne needs to fill out. With that I came home and picked up the bread and the pants that Cherie hemmed for Wayne. I have been forgetting to take these items to Wayne for over a week now so made a special trip to make sure it got done.

Arriving at Wayne’s I helped him fill out the forms which I will take to LMHA and NPI tomorrow. Part of it is a 30 day notice that he will be moving. I notice I am getting short tempered and not very tolerant so apologized to Wayne for it. Wayne said he was used to this and understood that it is a part of the brain injury. He has been seeing these swings for the three years we have known each other. Wayne said that I am much easier going than when he first met me. At that time I would fly off in a heartbeat. It is good to hear that settled down some.

There are probably other things I should write but they aren’t there at the moment. I know one! I took one of the new headache pills before I went back to Wayne’s. This is the third time I have used this medicine. The first time it seemed to trigger a slow down. I don’t recall how it effected me the second time but I know I am slowing down now, about an hour and a half since I took it. Need to watch this. I am going to lay down. Poured dishwater twice now and never washed the dishes. Hate when I get like this. Headache is coming back now. Not fun.

7:32 – I am down to a 3 on the Bob scale now. Maybe even a 2. Almost to the point where I stutter. Haven’t been this bad in a while. You can hear it in my voice. My equilibrium is way off and the ability to control my right leg is compromised. Think I will call it a night. This sucks. At least I got stuff done before this.


Nate~ said...

gee, I bet cherie didnt tell you that I was testing that $900 washing machine before I lugged it down a flight of stairs into the basement, so what if I threw some clothes in it... why waste water and electricity doing a empty load.

if you would have lost the "I am right and whatever I say is the truth " mentality I would probably help you...... but in all reality you burned a bridge a while ago, I cant wait until you move to your "farm" I guarantee that I wont shead a tear..

ByronB said...

Well, you know what to do, Nate - lend him your trailer, and that'll get him out of your hair quicker! ;)

Bob said...

900 dollars? And you don't know if it works? So what's the truth? It was a scrap machine you picked up somewhere and shouldn't have been in the front yard in the first place, especially when the family has been ticketed for blight more than once. I try hard to be right and I work hard to tell the truth but am open to criticism and correction, having no problem admitting and apologizing when I am wrong. It wasn't me you would have helped but Wayne, a disabled veteran with MS. Oh! and thank you for sharing our joy at moving to Texas. We too are looking forward to it. You will be welcome to come and visit.

Nate~ said...

the washing machine was not even in the front yard, it was sitting 5 feet away from the driveway in the side yard where I unloaded it. as far as it being a piece of junk that we found that is not true..... I buy all the returned appliances ,lawn & garden tools and light fixtures from Lowes at a LARGE discount and either use them or sell them

Bob said...

Front yard, side yard? It's a corner lot so is all one. The machine was out in plain view with a lot of other junk. The wiring was exposed where the top was off. It doesn't matter if you paid fifty cents for it, don't care if you use it or sell it. You should show some respect to your grandparents and keep the yard clean. Splitting hairs does not justify anything.