Friday, May 26, 2006

Rainy morning

This print you should click on to enlarge. There is more than just the fox in the middle.

5/26/06 Friday
8:39 – Just got back from my breakfast with Jeff. He is one of two people from Cedar Creek church (The church that asked us to go somewhere else) who is still in touch with me and has in fact become a friend. I told him about what we would like to do with the farm, how we will make it self sufficient so we could retire with few worries. Then Jeff told me how things were going with his business. Running a business always comes with problems. I tried to share with him some of the things I had used to teach other companies as a consultant but much of what I used to know was not there. I remembered the names of some of the sales techniques but not the techniques themselves.

It is frustrating to have my memories so fragmented. That’s just the way it is. Part of me wants to start up another business but I understand that I can no longer handle the stresses that come with that. I do believe that I can do the woodworking I once did and could handle a small business there. With that I would only take on one job at a time, only accepting work that does not have time constraints or pressure. Who knows what I can do but I will stretch out to learn my limits. Pushing limits has always been a part of my personality.

Fred needed to go to his eye doctor because he broke his magnifying reader while changing his batteries. I drove him there and we went in. He didn’t have an appointment and the doctor he sees wasn’t in so the receptionist asked him to wait. I asked Fred to let me look at his magnifier because I know he can’t see his hand in front of his face. There was a strong possibility it was something easily remedied. He handed it to me and began explaining what was broke. I couldn’t find anything broke but saw that as he tried to unscrew the part where his batteries go he actually opened the wrong area. Trying to explain this to Fred proved to be not possible because he stubbornly stuck to “It’s broke” no matter what I said. “Fine” I thought and settled back, waiting for the receptionist to call Fred up.

The office was busy with lots of folks coming in. “This is what I hate” Fred said, “Waiting and waiting, I don’t like to wait”. “Fred, you didn’t have an appointment and they are busy. That’s just the way it is” I tried to explain. This settled him down for a little. It was a long wait so when Fred complained again I told him “Go up there and let them know Fred”. Eventually he did. “I’ve got to get home and get on my oxygen” he told the lady. She said the doctor wouldn’t be in till 10:00 but she would see if someone else could help.

She took the reader to have it looked at. Coming back a few minutes later she said they might have to order the part. “No!” Fred retorted. “I need that tonight. I’ve got to read and I can’t without this”. I watched the girls face as she resignedly took the magnifier back to the rear of the office. It wasn’t too long before she came back saying “Your in luck. We found your part in the back room”. I suspect they took apart another magnifier to do this. Regardless Fred has his magnifier back. I suggested he put tape around the portion that he had inadvertently opened before to prevent that from happening again, especially when I learned this had happened before.

Denise just called me. Her computer is still not working right so I will go over and look at it again now. Tell you how that goes when I get back.

2:40 - Denise’s computer is smarter than I am. That’s sad because it is an ancient computer (by computer standards). Still has a 28 Kb modem. Anyway I couldn’t figure it out. Of course a six year old knows more about computers than I do. I did get it where she could get to her E mail and showed her how to send messages. For some reason hitting “Reply” on an E mail doesn’t work but she can use the compose mode. I am thinking about putting out a message to those I know locally to solicit donations of old computers. Wayne could use one as well as Sharon. These can be powerful tools for them, allowing them to access information on the net but more importantly to communicate with others. Wayne and Sharon both do not have transportation and Denise can’t drive. Sharon and Denise have family that help them get around. Wayne has his nephew and a friend that could help. The nephew is an undercover cop and really isn’t able to give much time. The friend may be moving out of state so that’s not good. The real area of communication that will help them is with others who have similar problems. It is good to belong to a community of peers.

I went to the blog on Denise's computer to show it to her. She loves the Beverly Doolittle pictures and asked me to print one of them. She also asked me to print the plaque I carved while I was recovering in St Louis. She had asked for that before but of course I forgot. She saw her pictures on the blog where I had written of her.

Hey Denise, Here's a Doolittle print I am putting on just for you. Thought you would like it. When you look ahead, look for the positive things that can be. Sometimes you have to search for them or make them happen.

I am tired now. Denise and I talked for a while. I took her to the store so she could get some smokes and the chocolate she was craving. Her mom came home while I was visiting and reminded me to get a schedule for LMHA for her. That I was supposed to do last week but true to form forgot it. This time I E mailed myself from Denise’s to remind me. Kind of like when I call the house and leave a message on the machine as a reminder. There are ways to overcome this memory problem, I just have to remember to do them.

Denise wanted to do something for me as a thank you for the help. We got into a discussion about Karma when I explained that just helping others was a reward in itself. “I’m selfish when I do things for you” I said. “You see I feel good when I help folks so I am doing this for me”. It didn’t work but that’s OK. She asked if she could give me the change from the store and I let her do that. I don’t care about 70 cents but it made her feel good so I took it with gratitude.

I think I should take a nap now.

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