Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Who knows what this day brings

5/17/06 Wednesday
It is an uneventful overcast morning. The subject of Wayne’s pants, that Cherie was going to hem, came up. Cherie had been not getting to this for quite some time now. Wayne had asked for them last week. I think he only owns two or three pairs of pants, maybe more. Cherie got upset about it and said she was going to quit doing sewing for others. I think that is good but made a quick comment about keeping your word that wasn’t too bright, didn’t help anything.

This picture of Wayne is taken in front of the Library downtown. This was when we both lived in St. Paul's homeless shelter where I met Wayne. I would walk Wayne to the library to get out of the heat and away from the dangers around the shelter.

I am to take Wayne to the bank and then to get groceries. It is the middle of the month so he is due for his second stock up for the month. I had told him 10:00 but might make it later because it is 9:40 and I haven’t gotten prepared for the day. Putting clothes on would be a good start. No, first a shower and shave. Should call Wayne to let him know.

Wayne’s fine but a little hoarse. I let him know I’d like to make it later. That was fine with Wayne and he let me know he would go lie down till I get there. I will call when I head his direction to wake him up. There is lots of fatigue with the MS so Wayne naps allot.

I am running a six on the Bob scale, not bad, not good, just the way it is. Think I better get started with the morning routine now.

Showered, not going to shave as I usually skip every other day to make my razors last twice as long. Hey…It wasn’t too long ago I was lucky to even have a razor and would use them till they would shred my face. Nuff of that. I should whip up something to eat, you know, some gas in the tank. Not sure how this day will go. I got some carving done yesterday, which is good. I think I will call Fred and let him know where I will be going in his car. Then I will head over to Wayne’s. See ya.

1:52 - Now I am back. Carman kitty is in my lap insisting he will die if I do not pet him. Makes it hard to manipulate this laptop. I am tired. The steroid treatments are helping Wayne out. He tells me his pain is lessened and that he had all kinds of energy right after the infusions. He has more energy and doesn’t tire as easily.

I took him to Kroger and he kept up with me fairly well, at least till Cherie called. “Rob? Did you go shopping? Are you still at the store? What store is it?”. I answered her questions almost as quick as she asked them so she meekly asked “Would you mind getting a few things??”. Of course I will. She gave me a short list and I actually remembered we need milk. I’m always proud of myself when I remember something.

Wayne and I had been heading to the register when Cherie called so, looking at him I said, “That was Cherie. There’s some things I need to hurry and get. Why don’t you stay here cause I’m going to be moving fast”. That was fine with him so I headed quickly out. Of course what we needed was milk and lettuce, which are in opposite corners of this huge Kroger store. As I walk I am desperately trying to recall what Cherie wanted and then working to make sure I would not forget before I got it in my cart. I think it worked but I won’t know till Cherie comes home. She’ll tell me if I missed something.

3:00 - Not doing well. Ears ringing and a bit lightheaded. Think I’ll lay down.

9:15 – I couldn’t remember what I did since the 3:00 entry. Now I do. I did some serious carving. It won’t look like much because I am at the point where much of the carving is more like shaving the wood. I take much smaller cuts and work with the grain so it leaves a smooth finish. Takes time. I carved for three hours straight. Had a hard time getting up and walking after that. When Cherie came home is when I stopped. We had Salisbury steak hamburgers and salad for dinner.

It’s after nine which is getting late for me. Just a little tired. Allen had returned my call at 5:00. I left a message at 12:00 that I would be free till 4:30. He is a little thick here. “Well why don’t you come by after you eat dinner” he said. I finally decided to explain things again “Allen I don’t like to be out late and don’t like driving at night. You know the hours I keep. That’s the way it is so get used to it”.
Ended that conversation right now.

I think I’ll take some pictures of the carving. Cherie is watching American Idol which doesn’t really interest me. Here's a good before and after so you can see the progress I'm making

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