Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good things happening

5/23/06 Tuesday
Good morning world. This morning I will take Wayne to look at an apartment on Bancroft. This came about when I struck up a conversation with Linda, Gerdinich Realty’s property manager, last Friday when she was here to get the repaving project going. In that conversation I learned that they do accept section 8 housing on a limited basis. We will meet at 10:00.

Yesterday Fred called to tell me he had just scheduled to pick up a meat package from Kazmier’s at 11:00 today. When I told him that wouldn’t work because of the 10:00 appointment for Wayne he got pissy telling me “Oh, I see. I guess I rate at the bottom of the list”. That didn’t work well with me and I explained that the appointment with Wayne was scheduled last week. “Fred, you have to call me before you set something up” I said. This is nothing new so I went through it again to help Fred understand. I will call Wayne now to make sure he is up.

That went well. It looks like I will be getting Wayne out of cracktown soon. The apartment we looked at is smaller than the one he is in now but nicer in several ways. There is a courtyard area with plants, trees, and a small swimming pool. The apartment complex is small with only 24 units. There is a carryout next door and a nice looking residential area surrounds the place. I put the decision on Wayne, asking him if he wanted to shop around. I also encouraged him that this seemed ideal. The best part is the apartment comes with an air conditioner. He decided to get it which works for me. It’s not that I am lazy but I would prefer not to go driving all over the place looking at apartments.

We filled out the paperwork and I stopped by the Pharm to get some bread and milk for Wayne on the way back to his place. Their bread was outrageously high but I got it anyway because it was worth an extra buck to not go to another store.

I stopped and washed the car on the way home. As soon as I get this posted on the blog I will let Fred know I am back so I can take him to the store.

Oh yeah! Got to get this down. Virginia called me as I was driving to pick up Wayne. She said that the bank would wire me the money but they would take out Larry’s $40,000 first. That was fine until she said that if I didn’t want to do it that way it would cause a big paperwork hassle, requiring that the farm be divided and all kinds of other things that didn’t make sense. Why can’t I just write Larry a check? Now I have questions that need to be answered. It would seem that this lack of trust is being displayed. I kind of feel like I am being called a thief or something. Virginia was just relaying what the lawyer told her I think. This is a slap in the face, an insult. I wonder if Larry is the one who is pushing this. Right now I am of the mind to make them go through all the extra paperwork just to slap back, to make Larry wait a little longer. I am in no hurry. Of course it would help if he would bother to call me and talk. Time to call my lawyer.

Talked to Patrick about this estate thing. He didn’t think things needed to be so hard and suggested that the bank send Larry two checks. One for his half of the CD and the other for the $40,000 that identifies it as payment for his half of the farm. This way there is documentation. That is fine so I asked Patrick about the $3,000 that Larry had promised to pay for what he took from our mother’s estate. After discussing that he suggested that it come out of the checking account moneys. I asked Patrick to relay this to McGilvray and make Larry paying this debt a contingency to getting this all finalized. I am sure it will set Larry off but at this point I kinda like that. He needs his boat rocked a little. Besides that it is simply holding him to his word and making him do what is right. Time to get Fred out so Gotta go.

That went well also. Got Fred to K&J meat for his box of food. While there Cherie returned my call to let her know what was going on with the inheritance. As we talked I noticed Fred getting a sample of smoked sausage. He gummed it as he does but then I saw him spit the skin of the sausage into his hand. He moved along the display and then threw the skin on the floor. At this point I just kind of cracked up and moved away from Fred so I could explain to Cherie why I had started laughing. Then we took it to Barb who was pretty cheerful. Barb’s check had come so I took her to the bank to cash it. Now I am home. Haven’t eaten today and am feeling weak so I’ll fix a peanut butter and honey on toast. I am feeling tired as I often do by this time of the day. Actually having to work to not fall asleep at this computer. Time for a snack and a nap.

5:34 – Just woke up. Pretty cloudy right now and it looks like I am running at a five on the Bob scale. Checked the blog and E mail to see if Larry decided to communicate. Larry or someone else from Fort Worth looked at the blog at 12:23 this afternoon. Cherie cracked up when I told her I asked Patrick to request Larry pay the $3,000 he promised me. She understands I don’t care about the money but would rather be treated like an honest man with just a small amount of respect. You know, talk with me. If you don’t trust me be a man and tell me to my face, none of this insulting crap like insinuating I will run off with the money. Come on guys, where am I going to go?

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