Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Building blocks of life

We see a fair number of these out here. This is a small house compared to some that have gone by

11/13/07 Tuesday
Today is Adam’s birthday. He’s the youngest of the two boys I raised from the second marriage. I wish I was there.

Not only have I been given life but a life as well. I was raised from the dead so to speak, having been declared at the scene of the accident and revived on the way to the hospital. Oh, things have been tough since I woke from the coma with the mind of a child, but slowly and steadily things have been, or are being put together. It’s like building blocks being carefully placed following a predetermined plan, creating something that is a mystery now but is slowly taking shape and beginning to be discernable. Kind of like an artist’s painting in it’s early stages where your not quite sure what it will be but you know it will be good. Such is my life. It is now “our” life with the restoration of the marriage between Cherie and I. Each step forward seems to have requirements or milestones to be achieved.

Using this rake by hand wasn't cutting it. Too much wear and tear on the hands and too slow. So after making a handle I got the strap off of the weedwhacker and after slinging it over my shoulder hooked it on the handle. With twenty pounds of dirt in the sack I pull it behind me like a mule. works pretty good. Pulling this in the deep tilled up sand is a major workout. Get the heart rate right up there like a stairstepper of something

So we are building a home and farm together. Building a life. Nothing is easy but every hardship teaches lessons and strengthens us. The one most essential thing you need for a farm is a tractor. Now I need to buy and plant seed, install some kind of watering system, and do all kinds of other things but a tractor is still the key.

So as I was out putting garden hoses together to get enough to reach where I needed the cell phone rang. It was a friend from church. I’ll leave his name out cause I suspect he would like it better that way. After asking how it was going he said that he felt led to cover the first six months of payments on that tractor we were looking at. It is a loan that we will pay back but should give us time to start earning some money from it thus enabling us to do so. Unfortunately it looks like we will have to find a cosigner for the loan due to the bankruptcy and low monthly disability income. I am confident this will work out as all things seem to. I suppose you could say I have faith it will. All the other expenses of starting this farm will appear when needed. You watch.

It was dark when he called so I had the flashlight with me. Walking back to the house I spied this guy. It was sitting right on the path I needed to take so, not wanting it to escape I walked around the back of the garage and grabbed the hoe. I like snakes and they are beneficial, keeping mice down for one thing, but I can't have them around the house, especially with the puppies. So it's dead now

There was a telephone pole that had been on the side of the road for a few weeks, evidently it dropped off the power companies truck or something. So I strapped a chain around it and drug it down the road the mile and a half it was to the house. This was when we had the rented tractor and I figured I would use that to drag the pole to where I want it. But that didn't work.

So I needed to get the thing moved. After trying to drag it by hand I figured out I didn't have what it takes so searched for a better way. Finally I spied the two wheel dolly and with some effort managed to get the end of the pole on top of it.

It was bend the knees and keep the back straight, Heave, lift the end up and pull. The pole would move six to twelve inches each time. A tractor sure would be nice right now.

This morning I went to Harbor Freight in Odessa to get some needed tools. Afterwards I stopped at Lowe’s. The sprinkler I was using to water where I planted Rye broke. That was part of why I went to Harbor Freight, to find a replacement. They didn’t have much. At Lowe’s I found what looked like a hell of a deal but decided to check Home Depot and Ace Hardware to see. Yep, Lowe’s had the best deal. It cost nineteen bucks for just a replacement sprinkler head at Ace but at Lowe’s I got two all metal hi volume complete sprinklers for the same price. Score!
This is as far as I got with the pole. Maybe fifty feet but it hurt

I’m falling asleep as I write this so probably should take my afternoon nap. It irks me to have to do this. There is so much to do. I got the chili started that I am making with the venison Janie’s friend gave us. There is so much I’ll probably need to make two batches. One of the two packages is labeled “Elk”. Never had Elk before so that should be interesting.


i beati said...

snake away or moth balls does that keep them away ??the snakes?

Bob said...

I've heard they do but we've got 76 acres so can't cover that. I'll just deal with them when they come close