Monday, November 05, 2007

Here's today's sunset

11/5/07 Monday
I went to the bank today to try and work out what we need to do to open up a business account for the farm. After explaining I needed to talk to someone who was up to date on this stuff I was asked to have a seat to wait. There was a Monday paper on the table so I picked it up to see if Jimmy Paterson had used any of my pictures again. Jen or someone from the Sunday school class had emailed us last week and let us know they saw a picture of mine in last Monday’s paper. I knew Jimmy was going to use a picture or two but was amazed when, on opening the paper, I saw the entire page filled with five of my photographs. Wow. Caught me by surprise.

I love to record the beauty I see all around me. Sunsets and sunrises happen so fast and then are forever gone so to be able to stop time and keep it is a wonderful thing. There are many times when I am busy doing things or having a slow down that I will walk out and see the vestiges of a great sunset I missed. I always regret not capturing these moments. It’s not just sunrises and sunsets, I see so much that I want to record, so much that I feel would make striking images. I suppose having a fancy camera would be cool but I’d have to go to school and learn how to use it. This basic Kodak does pretty good. But a better camera ostensibly means better pictures and I enjoy learning.

So here are tonight’s sunset. We went into Midland today to pick up a late birthday present for my sister and one for my youngest son, Adam. I just got Robin (my sister) a Barnes and Noble gift card and Adam one from Walmart. Not terribly original but I really don’t know what they would like. My sister is a stranger in the sense that we have had almost no contact in thirty or more years. Adam has grown much in the seven years since my coma. I think he is twenty four or five but really don’t know. That’s all part of the memory loss. I was able to ask his and Bruce’s (my oldest) birthdays during the few moments we met after I woke up. They are written in the calendar along with my sister’s to help me remember. I still forgot Robin’s birthday until noticing it on the calendar a month after.

The CRP check is just now enabling me to get something. I saw a calendar at Barnes and Noble that would be perfect for Bruce. He is a Sheriff’s deputy, done two tours in Iraq, and a federal firearms dealer so he loves his guns. When I got him involved in historical reenactments he developed this healthy interest. He has guns for most time periods from the flintlocks of the revolutionary war to Vietnam. So this calendar has historical weapon comparisons. That’s what he’s getting for Christmas.

Anyway, we had done some shopping and as we drove home I looked in the mirror and could tell it would be a great sunset so drove a little fast with the hope of getting home in time to grab the calendar and catch it. What ya think?

I was pretty sharp earlier today. Cherie said I was running an eight or nine on the bob scale and had a hard time keeping up with me. I’ve slowed down a lot now, about a four. That’s just the way it is. Up and down like a yo yo. Got one of those headaches and am tired so goodnight.

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i beati said...

how wonderful your pictures I am thrilled for you all the way across the country