Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sure changes fast

It’s 11:48 in the afternoon now. Things can sure change fast out here. They forecasted the rain/snow to come this evening but it showed up at ten this morning. Huge snowflakes, I love it and I love the snow. Right now it looks like three inches of snow has fallen and it’s still coming down.

This is the first snow the puppies have seen and they love it. Rascal kept trying to catch and eat the large snow flakes drifting down. It was hysterical to watch. They ran and played and never wanted to come in but when they did they were soaking wet. Naturally they immediately jumped on the bed. That got an immediate “GET DOWN” response each time. Now that they have experienced getting on the bed it’s what they go for.

I'm hauling one of the fifty pound bags of seed out to where it's getting put down

9:46 – I’m pretty worn out. Spent several hours out in the snow putting most of what’s left of the rye seed down. I thought there was a hundred and fifty pounds left but there was two hundred. I got one fifty planted but gave up on the last fifty. Just ran out of...whatever. The cold didn’t bother me at all. I just stretched till I needed to come in and rest and that was all for the day.

I'm sure the farmers and everyone else driving by think this "Yankee" is nuts. "What's he doing out in the snow?"

Cherie fixed a great Thanksgiving dinner with the ham Janie gave us. We had pecan pie with cool whip to finish it off. Then I went to bed after asking Cherie to get me up at 9:00. My leg muscles are pretty weak right now. I suppose I should expect that after the workout they’ve had over the last two days. I didn’t rake in the seeds this time. It didn’t make much sense to do with three inches of snow on the ground but mostly because my legs are still suffering from yesterday. There is still fifty pounds of seed left but it will have to sit because I’m done for a while.

I know how to dress for this stuff. The quilted flannel shirt is so warm I had to take the windbreaker off as I was sweating to much. The fancy dust mask I got at Harbor Freight did a great job of keeping my nose warm.

Cherie is going shopping tomorrow and I’m not. Black Friday is the kind of insane commotion I can’t handle so staying home is the best bet. Besides I think I can use a more relaxed day and suspect the pain level will be high anyway. It’s up there now as it is.

The view of the house from the far corner of the five acre plot I'm working

Goodnight all. Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one. Thanks for caring and keeping up with us. That's one of the things we are thankful for.

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